Saturday, August 5

Yay! My picture finally "stuck".

Here she is all finished. She's wearing:

-a white cotton pettiblouse (can be worn alone as a dress or nightgown) with removable embroidered collar

-white cotton pantalets

-a dark green, embroidered boiled-wool vest

-a homespun plaid skirt with rick-rack trim at the hem

-wool felt shoes that button closed

-and her elf hat

I was going for a sort of "Old World" look. I think I succeeded. :)

The reason a Christmas elf doll was ordered in August is this... (I'm guessing some might be wondering lol!) She (the elf) will come and go on her own accord...she'll still maintain her home at the North Pole :) She'll visit her chosen child from time to time. Sometimes she'll stay and visit a while (especially when her child needs her). Other times she'll just drop off a heartfelt note or small package. I am just enchanted by the concept and plan to create a few more elves with similar missions. What a marvelous way to keep the magic of Christmas alive all year!

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Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous!! I can see where it would be hard to let her go.