Sunday, August 27

So far today I've finished up some more bendies. And I've got more in the works. But I think tonight I'll get the animals I need to make cut out before I finish up any more bendies.

I also snuck a bit of fall into the household decor just a bit early. I couldn't help myself.

Oooh! And I just remembered something cool I made last winter for this fall! I went through a big phase of drying orange peels. Well, I guess it was clementine peels because it all happened when the grocery store was selling the crates of clementines. At first I was just snipping the peels into strips. Then I got the nifty idea to use mini leaf cookie cutters on the peels. And when they dried, they curled a bit just like a real leaf. A few got a bit browned on the edges. They're just wonderful, I think.

I'm going to have to get ahold of some autumn-ish scented fragrance oils soon :-) I feel a potpourri party coming on...


Renee said...

Oooh, the leaf shaped dried orange peels are a great idea! I'm getting itchy for fall too. It's my favorite time of year. I just wish it wasn't followed by ridiculously cold winters.

I love the bendies, esp. the queen (princess?). Just this morning Lydia and I got into a discussion about Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace, and so on. She is completely fascinated by the fact that there is a real live queen! LOL. I showed her a picture of Q.E. on the computer and she said "Ooohhhh... she's beautiful!" ROFL.

Dannielle said...

Well I couldn't help myself. I ordered a quart of autumn scented fragrance oil. When it gets here I'll send ya some yummy scented rosehips with some orange peel leaves :)

Funny, I've never thought of Queen Elizabeth as beautiful. But then I can't picture her as anything other than an old lady.