Sunday, August 20

a lot of progress but not much to show

I'm in the midst of working on a lot of little bendy dolls at the same time. I've got a mini assembly line going. So even though I accomplished quite a bit today, I don't have much in the way of finished goods to show for it. These folks are 100% completely finished. The first off the line. But there are many more in various stages of nakedness and headlessness.

Can I just say that I am absolutely loving having a quilting frame. It is just so much more user-friendly than a hoop (and I had even upgraded to a q-snap hoop, which was way better than the wooden circular hoop). The fact that it's just waiting for me is going to be huge as far as actually finishing the quilting. I can just feel it. I've been quilting a square here and there since it arrived. I'll sit in the rocker with my morning coffee and next thing I know another square is quilted.

Last night Isabelle and I went fabric shopping. I needed more white wool felt as well as some autumn colored leaf prints for a quilt swap at Amity's I had planned to do some silk dyeing (and a lil' piece of velour) Friday but I held off so I could get some white felt. I am so glad I didn't get around to it today because just a few minutes ago I ran across the best idea ever here (all the way down...last thing-a-ma-bobbin on the page). And I happen to have white pearle cotton and white floss handy. Lots of it. :-D I may just need to make a dowel and candle cup run on Monday if all goes well.

Why is it that I am picturing this gaggle of bobbins in a jar? What is it with me and jars lately?!? I'm beginning to scare myself. Oooh...and I know the perfect jar too. It came with the melty nacho cheese. Short...wide mouth...perfect.

You know, I would have been really scary if I had been around back when (depression era) they were handing out bits of glassware with purchase.

On another note, Isabelle managed to twist my arm (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it) to get me to stop in Barnes&Noble after our fabric expedition. Yes, I bought a book. :-) I couldn't help myself. I got The Embroiderer's Handbook. It's an awesome book! And it's way cheaper at Amazon, I see.

For years I've had this book. It's wonderful. It clearly illustrates all the basic stitches plus some I hadn't seen elsewhere. But the new book seems to pick up where this one leaves off. It barely touches on basic stitches and it really goes into great detail on complex things that The Encyclopendia of Needlework doesn't even touch on. Beautiful and glorious things. Things that make me want to buy silk floss (which I've so far managed to avoid). seems I can be a bit chatty at 1am after drinking a quart of tea.

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