Friday, August 11

Happy mail in...happy mail out...

I've been stalking the mail carrier all week. Finally all that stalking paid off!

I got some stuff from Crafter's Choice, namely a book on painting watercolor fairies, a watercolor pencil kit, and the most stinkin' adorable mini-envelope punch. As soon as I get done here and do a bit of picking up I will be all over that cutie punch!

I also received some iron-on transfer embroidery patterns from Pattern Bee. One is a patterns for a redwork doll quilt. The other is 150 mini designs (all so vintage and cute!) which are slated to be part of doll clothing. There are many other patterns I'm coveting *cough*Raggedy*cough*Ann*cough* but I'm going to try to restrain myself at least a little bit. I emailed the owner to see if I could use the mini patterns on items I'm selling and she said yes! I am just over-the-moon thrilled about that. Remember the removable collar from the elf doll's dress? I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this ;)

And the beads for my sister's wedding necklace finally made it here. I ordered them from Art Beads. I was worried they wouldn't get here before the weekend. I need to get the necklace made and in the mail super fast. Everything is so pretty though...lots of sparkly Swarovski crystals.

And then! I got an ebay package. My daughter, Isabelle's, birthday was Wednesday. She's 11 now. And even though she's practically a teenager she still has a whole lot of imagination left. For her present we ordered this dollhouse. Well when I saw an auction for some vintage porcelain dollhouse dolls-one which is the spitting image of Annabelle from The Doll People (minus the green hair)- I *had* to get them! Here is "Annabelle" up close:

She's just perfect!! Isabelle is at Six Flags with a friend right now and I cannot wait for her to get home!

Oh, by the way, I had to order myself a dollhouse so I wouldn't get too bossy with Isabelle's. Before you laugh, I can tell you it has already proven to be a good thing (as Martha would say). Since she didn't have her dollhouse in time for her birthday I took her to Hobby Lobby to pick out a few things for inside. She picked bedroom furniture. But not the bedroom furniture *I* would have picked. I kept my mouth shut because I knew I'd just get that furniture for my own house. ;-) And I keep running across blogs of these Club Little House people. I'm completely enchanted!!

Now for the mail that went out today. There was a lot of that too!

A unicorn:

A bendy wizard and toadstool:

A lion (to whom I added a bit more mane under his chin after taking this picture):

And a pincushion with emery strawberry (which I couldn't help but scent "apricot vanilla"):

Also, the needlebook I made a couple days ago was mailed to its new home.

Today was just a busy, busy mail day!! Ah gotta love 'em!!

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Daisy said...

That's my lion!!! That's MY lion!!! Woo Hoo! I got him and looooove him!