Friday, October 24

Bendy dolls! Listed today with 10 minutes to spare!

Well I just barely made good on that promise, but I did it! They're all finished and listed and ready to find new homes. :)

Guess what I'll be doing this weekend? More of the same! The holiday season has officially begun in my world. Has it hit your world yet?

I've been slacking on the blogging again, haven't I?

I didn't mean to. Forgive me?

I've had a bit of tunnel vision going on here lately as I have been working on a big, huge order the past few weeks (mixed in with being sick). I'm finished now. Can I get a "Woo-hoo!"?!

Right now I'm busily working on getting some new bendy dolls finished so my shop isn't so empty. They'll be up sometime today (I'll update the blog!).

Saturday, October 11

Crochet Pattern: My Favorite Cleaning Cloth

Just in case you need a reason to spend the day curled up on the couch, here's my favorite scrubby cleaning cloth pattern.

It's similar to my favorite dishcloth, except it's smaller and thicker. I've actually taken to calling them "half-doubles" because they're half the size and double the thickness of the standard dishcloths we use. They're a bit too thick for washing dishes, I think. But they're perfect for cleaning the bathroom or washing the floor when it gets done the old fashioned way, with a bucket and on your hands and knees.

And, the beauty of it is, it works up super fast. As in, I could make several in an afternoon spent on the couch watching movies. :-)

It's a great pattern for using up those little bits of cotton yarn that are leftover from other projects.

Using kitchen cotton yarn, holding 2 strands together throughout, and a size J hook (feel free to size up or down to suit your needs)

The finished cleaning cloth is about 6" square.

Chain 18

Make 2 DC in 3rd ch from hook. Skip 2 ch, then SC in next ch. *Skip 2 ch, 4 DC in next ch, skip 2 ch, SC in next ch* Repeat ** until end of row. Ch2, turn.
2 DC in first st (last sc of the last row). SC in the center of the 4DC-cluster (insert hook between the 2nd and 3rd DC). *4DC in next SC. SC in center of the next 4DC-cluster* Repeat ** until end of row. Ch2, turn.

Continue in this pattern until you have completed 10 rows.

At the end of the 10th row, ch 1, turn.

next row: sc in each stitch to corner (14sc). Ch 1. Make 14 sc along each of the remaining 3 sides with one ch in each corner. Then connect to the first sc with a sl st. Ch1, turn.

NOTE: The bottom edge where the beginning foundation chain is contains a couple extra stitches. Just skip a few for a total of 14 sts.

Picot edge:

Sc in first st. Ch 3, sl st in the same sp as the sc you just made. *SC in the next 3 sts. Ch 3, sl st in the sam sp as the last sc.* Repeat ** until you've covered all 4 sides. Connect last st to first sc with a sl st. Bind off.

NOTE: You could skip the picot edge and just do a few rows of SC all the way around (remember to add one chain stitch in each corner).

Weave in loose ends.

It's going to be one of THOSE day!

You know that kind of day where you know it's not worth even thinking about getting dressed? It's one of those days here.

The first big total-household round of sickness for the season has hit. Though I can't complain too much. I did sleep really well last night thanks to a combination of behind-the-counter NyQuil and Afrin nasal spray (I really hate that stuff but it works so well!).

While I was out picking up cold medicine I also bought the makings of a big pot of chicken noodle soup. I've also got some bananas that are begging to made into bread. Sounds like a plan. Good food for sickies.

So other than doing that bit of cooking, I can guarantee I'll be curled up on the couch, in my jammies, piled with quilts, watching movies and stitching and stuffing animals for the order I'm working on.

I really hope my new round of Netflix movies arrive today so I'm not stuck with whatever movies they have on tv. This is totally one of those times I wish we had cable tv!

Oh, and hey! Thanks to those who voted in the poll!!

I've had a few people tell me they voted for "no faces" but then found they liked the ones with faces once they saw them. You know what? The same happened to me!

Monday, October 6

Well, guess what?!

The poll has convinced me to start offering bendy dolls with faces as well as faceless dolls. I've been crazy busy working on a super giant order but I manage to eek out a few new dolls to add to the shop ( ), including some cuties with faces. More (both sorts) will be trickling in over the next couple of weeks but the trickle will be slow until I finish this order.

I've been working on my photography a bit too. I've been doing that boring stuff like reading the manual that came with my camera and trying to get a little more creative with my pictures. Photography is not my strong suit and I'm totally willing to admit it. But I also know that shopping online is just not the same as shopping when you get to handle the items. So I'm working on it. Do you notice any difference? Improvement?

Do you make this big of a mess when crafting? I am still dreaming of a crafting studio. I think I've mentioned that we have one in the works for me. It's part of our basement finishing project. Which is the most slowly progressing home improvement project ever! So until the time comes that I have a dedicated space in which to work, I make messes like this. All over the ottoman in the living room.

Hey, see that thread rack with all the little bundles of thread? That is the best idea ever! I don't remember on which brilliant crafter's blog I gleaned that lovely idea, but it's truly inspired!

I almost always stitch with 2 strands of embroidery floss. For the longest time those remaining 4 strands got cast aside until they banded together and formed this massive thread tangle. It was such a mangled mess that it wasn't useable. But it was also such a big ball that it was obviously a huge waste to just toss it in the trash. And then I saw the idea to use a thread rack.

So any leftover threads get quickly wrapped around two fingers and placed on the rack. When I'm stitching I look there first for the color I need. So if you are dealing with a tangled thread ball, I highly reccommend using a thread rack to store leftovers.

Saturday, September 27

So, what do you think?

I've been asked to make bendy dolls with faces a few times recently. I've made them without faces for so long for the whole Waldorfy reason of leaving them open to the child's imagination. I really like that idea-that the child can imagine any sort of expression they'd like for the doll rather than the constant frozen smile.

But, the faces are growing on me. So much so that I'm thinking about offering dolls with faces in my shop along with their faceless counterparts. But I'm hesitant because I've only offered one option for so long. Maybe there isn't any interest in dolls with faces.

A poll seems like the way to go here. :) Thanks for your input! VoteWould you like to see bendy dolls with painted faces in my shop?
Yes, I'd be interested in dolls with faces
No, I prefer dolls without painted faces

View Results

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Tuesday, September 23

Bendy Doll Bonanza

I've been working, working, working! And the end result: bendy dolls galore.

I listed them late this morning and already about half have flown the coop. If you'd like to take a peek at what's left, click here. Surprisingly, some of my favorites remain.

Thursday, September 18

My goodness!

How flippin' cool is THIS?? I'm going to have to do this. Just an awesome, fun idea!!

I dare you... ;-)

Wednesday, September 17

It's been a busy week!

It looks like I'm officially back to work. I'm thrilled to be back in full crafty mode. If you want to see what I've been up to the past week and a half just click here (it's too much to add to a single blog post!).

And for those who aren't interested in clicking links to look at get a picture of my cutie dog taking full advantage of the softness of a basket of Annies.

Wednesday, September 10

On a roll...

Yes, ME! I'm on a roll. Can you believe it?! It's been a long time coming but I'm fully back to crafting! Good thing because it's totally time to begin stocking for the holidays!

I've just added some new bendy dolls to my shop and, chances are, there will be even more trickling in over the next few days!

And, not to be a total downer, but there will be a small price increase on bendy dolls beginning Oct. 1st. I've been making them for years now. They've evolved greatly in that time. They were originally very simple. But I get into details. And over seven years they've become MUCH more detailed. Which is fine, I love the details. But they do take much more time to make than they did back in the beginning.

It won't be a huge increase though. They'll definitely be worth it. ;-) But I did want to give fair warning and all.

Wednesday, September 3

Oh no! She didn't!

Oh yes, I did. :-D

A.K.A- When crafty people get bored.

Isn't she cute though?

Friday, August 29

Guess who's been crafting?

Me! A little...but some. :-)

Just popping in for a quickie post as I have a list of things I have to get done today and putzing on the computer isn't really on the list. But, it seems, I'm avoiding that bathe the dog thing.

Gotta say though, I'm feeling that crafting urge that comes with fallish weather. I'm starting to get Christmas on the brain. You, too?

More pictures here and here.

Have a great holiday weekend!!

Sunday, June 29

Crafty book sale!

But on to the fun stuff! I'm selling off some of my crafty books. Let me know if you're interested in any by posting a comment. If you don't have your email address enabled please include your email address or be sure to check back.

All prices are ppd, meaning they include media mail shipping charges.

Let me know if you have any questions at all. :)

Buy 3, take off $1
Buy 4, take off $2
Buy 5, take off $3

And if you're interested in a whole bunch lmk and we'll work a deal. I need to make some fast money to pay a bill by tomorrow so I'm open to working deals :)

1a- $10
1b- $10 SOLD
1c- $8 SOLD
1d- $15 SOLD

2a- $4
2b- $4
2c- $6
2d- $6

3a- $15
3b- $7
3c- $6
3d- $6

4a- $6 SOLD
4b- $6 SOLD
4c- $5
4c- $5

group 5- all $5 ea

group 6- all $5 ea

7a- $5
7b- $7
7c- $4
7d- $4

group 8- all $7 ea
a, c, d sold
b still available

9a- $7
9b- $5
9c- $5

10a- $7
10b- Minnow Knits HB $6 SOLD
10c- Minnow Knits, too PB $6 SOLD
10d- $7
10e- $7

group 11- $6 ea ALL SOLD

group 12- $7 ea ALL SOLD

Saturday, June 21

Don't fall outta your chair!

...because I have actually stocked some bendy dolls in my Etsy Shop. I know. It's been a long time coming!

See those BIG bendies? They're a new size...the largest yet. They're 5" tall. The standard size you see there with them are 2.5" tall.

Monday, June 9

My arm has been twisted

So here I am. Posting.

To commemorate the occasion I actually did something crafty...but still related to my recent obsession (the one that has been keeping me from crafting like I used to).

As you can see I've made a liner for my bike's basket. Yes, I'm a total dork and I use a basket. It may be dorky but it's also very handy. So now my stuff will stay organized on long rides.

I even made a little pouch that just ties on. I figured it would be handy for holding my mp3 player or my snack. I bring almonds with my sometimes and it will definitely be easier to get them from the pouch rather than having to dig them out of the basket.

I ride my bike on the Katy Trail, which is absolutely gorgeous. My sister-in-law and I are planning a trail-trip this fall. A 3-day, 2-night trip. We're planning to take the train from St. Louis to Jefferson City. Then we'll hop off the train and onto the trail (supposedly the train station is only a mile from the trail). Then we'll ride to Hermann (just across the river from McKittrick (the bridge has a bike lane) and stay in a bed and breakfast in Hermann (a wine town). The next day we'll ride to Augusta (another wine town) and stay in a B&B there. The next day we'll ride home to St. Charles.

I'm so totally psyched about this trip and am officially "in training" for the event. I want to be in good enough shape that it's a fun adventure rather than a torturous ordeal.

Oh! And while I've been off playing I reached my big weight loss goal of losing 100lbs. I could still stand to lose a bit more so I'm not finished yet. In celebration of reaching the big goal I went out and got my nose pierced (be warned...if you click for a closer look, the picture is huge!). It's something I've always wanted to do. And something my husband has always been against.

But a little over a year ago I asked him, "if I lose 100lbs can I get my nose pierced?". He snorted, rolled his eyes, and said, "yeah, sure, like that will happen". Now that the time has come he totally supports my doing it. :-)

So that's what I've been up to.

Friday, April 11

It's official

Not only am I as boring as can be, I'm a bad blogger to boot.

I know, I can't bring myself to post lately. Why? Because there isn't much of anything to post about.

I haven't done anything crafty in over a month it seems due to a carpal tunnel flare-up. Instead I've been cooking, cleaning, making a valiant attempt to exercise regularly, homeschooling, keeping up with laundry, and thinking about making an effort on the yard this year.

That's it in a teeny tiny boring nutshell.

Tuesday, March 11

Shop update!

Here I am again...later than I expected I'd be. Seems to be the story of my life lately. I blame it on my friends though. They keep stopping by to visit (which I greatly encourage!) and have been keeping me from my work.

So this is about half of this batch. All the boys are in the second half of the batch and will be finished and listed soon. The dolls that are available now can be seen here.

The Beatrix Potter quilt and painting set's auction ends tomorrow at noon eastern!

Well I'm off to watch American Idol. :)

Monday, March 10

Today's the day!!

collaboration with Erin

It's Beatrix Potter Day at Collage!
Erin of Eye Candy Designs and I have worked together on this set.

Aren't her paintings marvelous?! I love them!

Be sure to check out the offerings of the other Collage artisans as well. Lots of lovely stuff!

bendies in progress

As for what I'm up to right now...bendies, bendies, and more bendies. They should be finished an listed in The Princess Nimble-Thimble Shop in a couple days. Or maybe I'll finish half and get them listed, then finish the other half. Yeah, that sounds more like me.

And, who knows, if I can manage to not be in the kitchen all day maybe I can even get some listed tonight. Hmmmm.... I don't know though. I seem to always be in the kitchen these days. And I need to restart my kombucha brew today as it's on its way to becoming vinegar. I'll do what I can to be speedy in the kitchen though. Maybe I'll skip cleaning up. ;-)

One of these days I'm going to snag a block of time and catch up with all my blogging friends. Bloglines is giving me stress. I have nearly 2000 blog posts to read to catch up. Part of my says "just click *mark as read* and consider yourself caught up!". But then I'm afraid I'll miss something important. Well, I already am missing something important...all my marvelous blogging friends! I will be visiting soon!

Wednesday, March 5

Shop Update

Many people have been asking about them so I'm happy to say Bendy dolls have begun trickling back into my shop. They sometimes fly out the door so if you find them all gone, don't worry. There will be more soon. :-)

That's all for now. But I'll be back soon as I've been tagged for one of those thingies. And I want to tell you about all the creepy fun stuff I've been up to in the kitchen.

Saturday, March 1

Blog Break Over

I know I never officially announced a "blog break" (I never officially planned one, to be honest) but it seems one has occurred. And it's over. Officially.

It's just been so very "February" here lately. Projects that I meant to complete quickly were dragging on. I have been very stuck in the kitchen. We've been eating well but I'm so very over dishes. Cleaning the kitchen just isn't fun anymore (Was it ever?).

This, my friends, is the "dragging on project" I spoke of. Well, one of a few. But certainly the worst offender.

It will be available soon at Collage. It's part of a collaboration I've done with a marvelous painter. And there will be other Peter Rabbit themed items too. I'll let you know when it's happening when I know.

I used two layers of cotton batting inside the quilt and I love how squishy it turned out. Check out the back-

Oh! Any ya know what's really exciting? My new labels!!!

I promise to not be such a stranger. I know I've said that before...but I really mean it this time. Really. :-)

Friday, February 8

Sassy picks a winner!

Congratulations, Tiarnna! Email me with your mailing address, please (PrincessNimbleThimble AT gmail DOT com).

Thursday, February 7

Did you think I had forgotten?

Yes, I'm referring to this. I haven't forgotten. I'm just still in *catch up* mode.

The prize is finished finally. In case you can't tell, it's a tablerunner (12.5" x 41").

I figured there was no sense in officially cutting off eligibility until the prize was finished, right? So, what's today? Thursday. I'll draw a name tomorrow evening (just in case there are some last minute Lucys who can sneak in under the wire). :-)

I also finished a couple small quilts for swaps. This one was for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. The other- well, I forgot to take a picture in my hurry to get it in the mail. It's similar to the table runner though.

I have several sewing/craft projects in the works at the moment. There will be pictures soon, as I finish each project. Which will, hopefully, be very soon!

Monday, January 28

Shop Talk as well as misc chatter

We have Valentine's Day on the brain over at Collage. We'd love for you to check out our newest offerings and see if you don't just fall in love! (New items are available for preview until they're released for sale at noon eastern today!)

Speaking of love, we just celebrated the 7th birthday of my son, Mason, last Thursday. He's such a sweet, little guy! Can you believe that his requested birthday presents were a super soft blanket, a gameboy game, and candy. Those things together are his idea of a good time.

Oh...also! Book love! I have been coveting this book for the longest time. I finally got my hands on it and I adore it! I'm totally jonesin' for some spare time so I can play!!

I also read this book recently and it, too, was wonderful. I just love Louisa May Alcott's stories. I don't know how this one managed to evade me until now!

And another little something I'm completely in love with is the quilt I received in the Four Seasons' Quilt Swap. Look how absolutely at home it looks on my wall! Thank you, so much, Courtney!! (you can click on the picture for a larger version)

I'll try to not be so scare this week! :-)

Monday, January 21

Crossing things off the list!

Whew! That overwhelmed feeling is passing. Things are getting crossed off the list one by one. And I'm feeling much better. :-)

I've been working like a busy bee and it's paying off. Don't you just love the way it feels when you can cross things off the list?

The only thing that would make me happier is if the post office were open today so I could get these guys outta here!

As you can see, I've been in Bendy-land lately. Lots and lots of bendy dolls. You'd think I'd be sick of them by now, huh? But, while I do appreciate the fact that the next few things on my list are not bendy dolls, I still love them.

This last order included some bigger bendy dolls. They're all about 4.5" tall. Usually when I make dolls this size they're the adults in bendy families. I had a hard time envisioning them as requested: fairies and princesses and such, similar to the smaller dolls. My mind kept saying, "No! Bigger dolls are moms and dads!". I am so pleased with how they turned out though.

Sorry for the packaging. I had already packaged them before I remembered I hadn't taken a picture yet.

There are a couple bendies that have made their way to the shop. And before long I'll have a new sock dolls to add to stock as well. I've had several requests for more and promised I'd put them on the list. And, well, I am making progress on that list!!! I am so excited by this! I really hate feeling behind. Catching up is a good thing!

Thursday, January 17



Do you ever feel just totally overwhelmed? I do. And I am right now.

We've had a horrible sickness invade our household. A yucky sort of sickness with fevers that make you want to sleep 18 hours a day and chest congestion that leaves you feeling weak due to lack of oxygen and all that effort spent on coughing. It's finally on its way out the door now. But if you've been wondering where I've been, I've been in bed, sleeping and coughing.

Bendy doll order

During the holiday season I take a break from many of my responsibilities as I just get too busy with business crafting. My husband helps out more around the house and we take a break from homeschooling. This frees up time so I can do crafties as a full time job.


Right now my to do list is long and I'm wishing I could just have two more weeks of full time crafting so I could knock out the list. But school has resumed and my husband has returned the apron and laundry basket to me. Health is returning (yahoo!). And I have managed to cross a few things off the to do list, as evidenced by the pictures in this post. Progress is being made. It really does help to see it in pictures.