Tuesday, March 11

Shop update!

Here I am again...later than I expected I'd be. Seems to be the story of my life lately. I blame it on my friends though. They keep stopping by to visit (which I greatly encourage!) and have been keeping me from my work.

So this is about half of this batch. All the boys are in the second half of the batch and will be finished and listed soon. The dolls that are available now can be seen here.

The Beatrix Potter quilt and painting set's auction ends tomorrow at noon eastern!

Well I'm off to watch American Idol. :)

Monday, March 10

Today's the day!!

collaboration with Erin

It's Beatrix Potter Day at Collage!
Erin of Eye Candy Designs and I have worked together on this set.

Aren't her paintings marvelous?! I love them!

Be sure to check out the offerings of the other Collage artisans as well. Lots of lovely stuff!

bendies in progress

As for what I'm up to right now...bendies, bendies, and more bendies. They should be finished an listed in The Princess Nimble-Thimble Shop in a couple days. Or maybe I'll finish half and get them listed, then finish the other half. Yeah, that sounds more like me.

And, who knows, if I can manage to not be in the kitchen all day maybe I can even get some listed tonight. Hmmmm.... I don't know though. I seem to always be in the kitchen these days. And I need to restart my kombucha brew today as it's on its way to becoming vinegar. I'll do what I can to be speedy in the kitchen though. Maybe I'll skip cleaning up. ;-)

One of these days I'm going to snag a block of time and catch up with all my blogging friends. Bloglines is giving me stress. I have nearly 2000 blog posts to read to catch up. Part of my says "just click *mark as read* and consider yourself caught up!". But then I'm afraid I'll miss something important. Well, I already am missing something important...all my marvelous blogging friends! I will be visiting soon!

Wednesday, March 5

Shop Update

Many people have been asking about them so I'm happy to say Bendy dolls have begun trickling back into my shop. They sometimes fly out the door so if you find them all gone, don't worry. There will be more soon. :-)

That's all for now. But I'll be back soon as I've been tagged for one of those thingies. And I want to tell you about all the creepy fun stuff I've been up to in the kitchen.

Saturday, March 1

Blog Break Over

I know I never officially announced a "blog break" (I never officially planned one, to be honest) but it seems one has occurred. And it's over. Officially.

It's just been so very "February" here lately. Projects that I meant to complete quickly were dragging on. I have been very stuck in the kitchen. We've been eating well but I'm so very over dishes. Cleaning the kitchen just isn't fun anymore (Was it ever?).

This, my friends, is the "dragging on project" I spoke of. Well, one of a few. But certainly the worst offender.

It will be available soon at Collage. It's part of a collaboration I've done with a marvelous painter. And there will be other Peter Rabbit themed items too. I'll let you know when it's happening when I know.

I used two layers of cotton batting inside the quilt and I love how squishy it turned out. Check out the back-

Oh! Any ya know what's really exciting? My new labels!!!

I promise to not be such a stranger. I know I've said that before...but I really mean it this time. Really. :-)