Sunday, August 13

I made an executive decision today. :)

I have been really frustrated with trying to get my Handcrafted Home site up and running. I don't really have time to keep 2 sites stocked. And getting the cart to work properly has proved to be more than I can handle. So, it's going.

Instead I'm claiming my spot on Etsy. Much more sane choice, I think.

I *did* have something listed for sale in the Etsy shop but someone snapped it up lickety-split. Hopefully in the next couple days I can carve out a bit of time to take pictures of all the finished jewelry I have to sell so I can get it listed there. I'm in the midst of working on a large order at the moment so who knows if I'll find time or not. (not to mention a knitting project that has gone on far too long) We'll see...

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