Monday, August 21

The results of yesterday's dyefest

Well, the threads turned out great, I think. I can't wait to try a bit of embroidery with them and see how they look.

The velour came out a lovely shade of celedon. I really like it. But it's not sage. So I have another piece of velour soaking in dye right now. When I mixed up the dye yesterday I couldn't remember if I added ecru to the light mixture of olive dye to get sage. It would seem I did. So now I know if I want celedon I only need to use a little olive dye alone.

I'm quite pleased with the silks.

The felt looks great too. The green isn't as dark as I'd hoped but it's a really pretty color. The yellow isn't nearly as dark as it appears in the picture. In reality it's about the color of corn.

On today's agenda: sage velour, label making for bendy doll packaging, and back to the bendy doll assembly line :-)

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