Sunday, June 29

Crafty book sale!

But on to the fun stuff! I'm selling off some of my crafty books. Let me know if you're interested in any by posting a comment. If you don't have your email address enabled please include your email address or be sure to check back.

All prices are ppd, meaning they include media mail shipping charges.

Let me know if you have any questions at all. :)

Buy 3, take off $1
Buy 4, take off $2
Buy 5, take off $3

And if you're interested in a whole bunch lmk and we'll work a deal. I need to make some fast money to pay a bill by tomorrow so I'm open to working deals :)

1a- $10
1b- $10 SOLD
1c- $8 SOLD
1d- $15 SOLD

2a- $4
2b- $4
2c- $6
2d- $6

3a- $15
3b- $7
3c- $6
3d- $6

4a- $6 SOLD
4b- $6 SOLD
4c- $5
4c- $5

group 5- all $5 ea

group 6- all $5 ea

7a- $5
7b- $7
7c- $4
7d- $4

group 8- all $7 ea
a, c, d sold
b still available

9a- $7
9b- $5
9c- $5

10a- $7
10b- Minnow Knits HB $6 SOLD
10c- Minnow Knits, too PB $6 SOLD
10d- $7
10e- $7

group 11- $6 ea ALL SOLD

group 12- $7 ea ALL SOLD

Saturday, June 21

Don't fall outta your chair!

...because I have actually stocked some bendy dolls in my Etsy Shop. I know. It's been a long time coming!

See those BIG bendies? They're a new size...the largest yet. They're 5" tall. The standard size you see there with them are 2.5" tall.

Monday, June 9

My arm has been twisted

So here I am. Posting.

To commemorate the occasion I actually did something crafty...but still related to my recent obsession (the one that has been keeping me from crafting like I used to).

As you can see I've made a liner for my bike's basket. Yes, I'm a total dork and I use a basket. It may be dorky but it's also very handy. So now my stuff will stay organized on long rides.

I even made a little pouch that just ties on. I figured it would be handy for holding my mp3 player or my snack. I bring almonds with my sometimes and it will definitely be easier to get them from the pouch rather than having to dig them out of the basket.

I ride my bike on the Katy Trail, which is absolutely gorgeous. My sister-in-law and I are planning a trail-trip this fall. A 3-day, 2-night trip. We're planning to take the train from St. Louis to Jefferson City. Then we'll hop off the train and onto the trail (supposedly the train station is only a mile from the trail). Then we'll ride to Hermann (just across the river from McKittrick (the bridge has a bike lane) and stay in a bed and breakfast in Hermann (a wine town). The next day we'll ride to Augusta (another wine town) and stay in a B&B there. The next day we'll ride home to St. Charles.

I'm so totally psyched about this trip and am officially "in training" for the event. I want to be in good enough shape that it's a fun adventure rather than a torturous ordeal.

Oh! And while I've been off playing I reached my big weight loss goal of losing 100lbs. I could still stand to lose a bit more so I'm not finished yet. In celebration of reaching the big goal I went out and got my nose pierced (be warned...if you click for a closer look, the picture is huge!). It's something I've always wanted to do. And something my husband has always been against.

But a little over a year ago I asked him, "if I lose 100lbs can I get my nose pierced?". He snorted, rolled his eyes, and said, "yeah, sure, like that will happen". Now that the time has come he totally supports my doing it. :-)

So that's what I've been up to.