Monday, August 14

So far today...

I've managed to get the house sort of put back together from the weekend. And I've make my sister, Dominique's, necklace that she'll wear in her wedding. It's next week so I'm going to have this on its way today.

It's made with sterling silver beads, faceted rose quartz beads, and Swarovski crystals in clear and light rose (both with an aurora borealis finish). So sparkly and princess-like.

I've also been working on bendy dolls like a madwoman. Most are for an order but I'm going to eek out a couple for the fundraiser for Patsy over at Midday Faire. I made some teeny stationery sets to go with. What child wouldn't be delighted to receive a letter from a fairy or their favorite doll? And an older child would enjoy facilitating correspondence between the fairies or dolls, I think. :) Of course, I'll make an Autumn Fairy bendy doll to go with the autumn card and teeny leaf confetti. I made the envelope with the punch that came in the mail the other day. The wee envelopes are just precious! They're all of 1" tall and 1.5" wide!


ChapTechie said...

Talk about talent. That necklace is beautiful!

If I were her, I'd wear it, too.

Renee said...

That bendy set is too stinkin' cute!