Saturday, August 26

Time for bed but I had to sneak in a quick picture

I did manage to get a little something finished tonight...a couple princes and a wee family. These were close to being completed...just needed some finishing touches. They range in size from 1.5" to 2.5" tall.


Renee said...

You know, I must be doing something wrong when I try to make bendies. It absolutely kills my hands, wrapping the bodies. I get all cramped up and can only wrap for like 5 minutes then have to put it down.
You are the bendy queen! I'm always in awe of how much you get done.

p.s. unrelated to this post: Isabelle seems like such a sweet, fun little girl. I always think that when I read about all the fun things you do together, and get excited for the time when I can do those things with Lydia.

Dannielle said...
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