Tuesday, August 15

Our dollhouse kits just arrived! Between them and the quilting frame (which should be here any day now) I'm just about set for winter projects. Well, and add in the yarn stash I've been building and knitting books I've been collecting.

I'm getting so itchy for fall to arrive. Autumn is my absolute favorite season. I love the rich colors, the crisp mornings, the need for cushy socks. I miss my down comforter. I miss hot pots of tea. (hot tea just doesn't do it for me in the summer. I love iced tea but it's not the same...) (mental note: must make a tea cozy!!) I find myself feeling the desire to scent our home with orange, cinnamon, and cloves. I miss baking muffins in the morning just to warm the house.

I have nothing on my front door at the moment. This is so totally not like me. But my husband repainted the door recently and so I couldn't put the old wreath back. A new paint job needs something new. If I can just hold off a bit longer though, I can make something that is marvelously fall. When is the acceptable beginning of fall decor? ...after labor day? ...the equinox? ...when public school begins? (which is tomorrow! We, however, aren't quite ready to start a new year of homeschooling for at least another week or so.)

OH! I have a site to share. I came across this while googling and there are some awesome directions for making pincushions and sewing accessories here. Enjoy!

I think I hear a pile of bendy bodies calling me...

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