Saturday, August 26

browsing the little shops and some thrifting...

That's what Isabelle and I did today.

We were having a lazy morning and then Isabelle got the brilliant idea to go poking around the little shops on Main Street in St. Charles. We had to buy some Sassafras Tea because it smells just like root beer. I have a pot steeping as I type so we'll see if it tastes like root beer too.

the verdict: sassafras tea smells better than it tastes.

new Monday morning verdict: I had made it twice as strong as it should be last time. Read the directions this time LOL! It's yummy :-)

I had a hard time picking my jaw up off the floor when I happened upon a shop called Rock*Paper*Scissors. It was filled with glorious handmade papers and all sorts of artsy-craftsy goodies. I picked up some amazing watercolor paints. Sixteen different colors. They're so gorgeous, I couldn't help myself. They shimmer like eye shadow...or fairy wings. I cannot wait to play!! But I'm going to behave and finish this big order first. I'm getting so close to being finished with it. So this will be my beautiful, shimmering light at the end of the tunnel. ;-)

I just found out that people may have encountered difficulty when attempting to leave a comment here. I'm relieved to find out there was a glitch. I was beginning to get a bit paranoid. I thought maybe I was being a bit too honest and my dorkiness wasn't being appreciated. LOL! It turns out that my blog was set so that a new window popped up for commenting. And most people block pop-ups, right? I know I do. So I changed that. So feel free to comment to your heart's content.

edited to add...apparently I needed to *approve* comments. (I changed this so now commenting should be easy peasy and they should appear immediately...sorry I'm a dingus) I swear, I'm an idiot when it comes to the computer. There was something like 20 comments sitting in limbo and I didn't even know it. Off to go read comments (you do love really do :snort:)

Oh...and the thrifting! I never get the hearty haul that I see other people scoring. But I do always manage to find at least one basket I need. And I also found this little pottery crock dealie. I don't know what I'm going to do with it but I liked the locking mechanism. And I'm so very ready for fall. And it's brown. I know, that only makes sense in my head. I just thought it looked kind of perhaps a gnome might have owned it. Still only making sense in my head, huh? Anyway, I only spent 50 cents each. I don't have to make sense for $1, right?


tender arts said...

That little crock will be a great place to "ferment" your orange peels and oils that you talk about later. (how weird! When you bought the crock, you weren't thinking about your cute orange peels, but as your reader I can connect them. Very strange and sci-fi-ish. And now I think I sound like a rambling crazy lady!) Anyway, cute stuff!

Anonymous said...

I have a whole bunch of those jars ;) they are my spice and tea herb jars :) for the ones I can grab... bulk stuff is still in bags in the cupboard... or they were when I had a house... sigh... soon ;) soon...