Wednesday, August 23

Sorry to disappoint, but no creating went on here today. (well unless eyebrow waxing and cutting some bangs into my hair count as creating...a bit of a stretch, huh?)

Our day was spent with friends at the St. Louis Science Center. We spent time at the planetarium, saw Adrenaline Rush at the IMax theater, and poked around at various exhibits.

A wonderful day was had by all. My children didn't even fuss at bedtime tonight. They were wiped out. I'm beyond tired. I fell asleep in front of the tv around 7:30 (I never do this...this is my husband's job ;-) and am headed back there in a few minutes.

Lots of crafting to do tomorrow though. Pictures will follow :-)

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Becka said...

I am dissapointed in you:) I checked back here ALL day yesterday to see what you were working on- and you weren't working at all! You were playing! For shame! :)