Tuesday, August 1

pictures of the almost finished elf doll

She is almost finished! :) Her pantaloons just need to be hemmed. And her dark green boiled wool vest is in the midst of being stitched/embroidered. And she needs some shoes. At first I was thinking the typical pointy toes elf shoes but I'm not so sure anymore. She seems like the kind of girl who would wear Mary Janes. And I think black shoes would go nicely with her hair. And I suppose she must also have some sort of elf hat (she is supposed to be a Christmas elf) but I don't think she'll enjoy wearing it. I made her a little embroidered ponytail holder that she really likes. A hat would cover it up.

And just in case the Christmas look gets old for her, I made her an autumn collar (the Christmas collar is removable...made the same way).

It's going to be hard to mail her off.

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