Sunday, August 6

Ahhh! A nice, peaceful Sunday. The weather has cooled a bit (or maybe it's just not as humid) so the kids played outside. My husband spent the day off fishing. And after doing the bare minimum of housework, I spent the majority of my day right there on the couch. There's nothing better than sittin' back, with your feet up, while surrounded by baskets of supplies. Especially when orders are all caught up and I follow wherever inspiration leads.

The only thing that could make a Sunday afternoon better would be mail. I'm waiting on some good mail and it would have been a lovely day for poking through some new crafty books or putting together the quilt frame I ordered. How am I going to hide that from my husband, I wonder... It's not a fancy one. It's one of those made from pvc pipe. Somehow I don't think, "What? That old thing?" is going to cut it. :)

Oh! I'm also waiting for some beads to arrive. They might even come tomorrow. They're to make a necklace for my sister to wear during her wedding later this month. Lots of sparkly Swarovski crystals.

I did get some good mail the other day though. I got some emery sand. I've been wanting to make some pincushions and emery sand is what goes in the little strawberry. It sharpens and polishes pins and needles. So now I can make something cuter than the typical tomato/strawberry combo. Maybe I'll do that this evening, after dinner.


LisaC said...

Your home looks so cozy! I think you will love your pvc quilt frame, I've been using mine for years now and it's great!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Dannielle ~ do you mind sharing where you purchased your emery sand?? I would love to order some for my pincushions as well. Your blog and creations are a delight!! Thank you so much,