Friday, August 31

Hitty and Yo-yos

I know. I know. You think I fell off the face of the earth again, right?

I haven't. Still here. I just had to get some new batteries for my camera. Posts about sewing and craft projects are wholly unsatisfying without pictures. So I just waited until I had batteries.

First up: Hitty (finished!) and her yo-yo quilt.


This is the practice dress. I wanted to sew her clothing by hand and I wasn't feeling fully confident about sewing on this scale (Hitty is 6.5" tall). Now I'm feeling brave enough to cut into the fabric she came with.


Her clothing is all removable so I'm sure she'll end up with a sizable wardrobe before it's all said and done.

Here's the back view. I need to scoot the button over on her belt so there isn't a gap. Oops! It appears her slip is showing!


I'm still learning how to make needle-lace to trim her outfit. So there will be an update at some point.

Oh, and the kit for her ladderback chair has arrived. Can't wait!

yo-yo hair clips

My yo-yo obsession continues. These aren't up in my Etsy shop just yet (Etsy is being persnickety at the moment) but will be soon!

Monday, August 20

a quickie progress report

Just passing through to say I'm 2/3 of the way done with this top. Saving the other third for Tara, who likes piecing. Piecing isn't my favorite part so I tend to try to finish it up quickly so I can get to quilting. But I'm restraining myself for Tara's sake. I don't want to hog up every group project. :-)

Sunday, August 19

New Projects

Some new projects have been started in the past few days. The first is a quilt. It's another group project of the local mamas who frequent the message boards at Amitymama. A woman named Patsy who we knew through the boards passed away recently. People sent in fabric squares and others volunteered to make quilts...8 for each of her 7 children and one for her husband. We volunteered to make one of them.

I'm also beginning work on my birthday present, Gail Wilson's Hitty. I'm a bit paranoid starting work on her. I want her to be perfect.

I'd been coveting Hitty for a while now. You know I have a soft spot for dolls who are alive. ;-) I had to get her book to add to my little collection of books about dolls who are alive. An old copy from ebay. A new copy just didn't seem right.

And, finally, I have succumbed to the allure of the Clover Yo-yo Maker. What did me in was the fact that they make one in the size "extra small"!! Oh my gosh, it's the cutest thing ever. The finished yo-yos are just over 1/2" wide. They are totally doll sized. Irresistibly tiny!

Saturday, August 18

Strawberry Quilt Pattern is up!

Click here for the tutorial as .jpg files on Flickr.

Also, take a peek over there on my sidebar. See that? You can now download .pdf files of my patterns directly from my blog. How cool is that!

Oh, I didn't go into detail on how to bind the quilt because there's no way I could improve upon Heather's tutorial.


Thursday, August 16

Flickr group PSA

I was browsing Flickr in search of photo pools of baby quilts and appliqued quilts. I couldn't find any. So, I created 2 new groups. Please join in if you have photos you can contribute. Nothing better than Flickr for inspiration, I tell ya!

Here they are: Baby Quilts and Applique Quilts.

I also have a group set up for sharing photos of things made using any of the free patterns and tutorials I have over there in my sidebar. Share your creations here.

All finished!!

Wild Things quilt
The Wild Things quilt is all finished and washed and is on its way to its new home.

Here's the picture from the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak that inspired it all.

Today will be a day of rest and recovery! :-)

Saturday, August 11

Stitched With Love

Yesterday my friends, Tara (holding baby) and Gwen (with a pacifier in her mouth), came over to help with the quilting. Doesn't matter to me that they have little babies to tend to. I still put them to work. ;-)

Gwen has no previous quiltmaking experience, but I think she may have caught the bug. Too bad her first quilting experience had to be introduced by such a rule breaker...she's ruined from the start! Tara has worked on quilt tops/blocks (gorgeous work, I might add!!) but hasn't gotten to the quilting phase on them yet. They both did a great job! :-D

The strawberry quilt is finished. Once we get the Wild Things quilt finished (we're getting together with the family whose baby is the intended recipient on Wednesday so we're on a mission to get it finished by then!) I'll draw up the pattern and write up the instructions for everyone.

Here's the back. Because you know I love the backs of quilts. The quilting lines are 1" apart. And I stitched a rod pocket along the top edge so it can be hung as well as used on a table.

This is Isabelle's guinea pig, Cookie. She had a rough morning. Her heart was beating erratically over a couple hour's time. But it seems to have normalized. She's one of our older pigs. Isabelle is such a good piggie-momma and she's been so upset. This side of having pets never gets any easier, does it?

Tuesday, August 7

Quilty things

The Wild Things quilt top is finished! My friend, Gwen, came over today and we got the border put together. UPS should be delivering the batting tomorrow. And the first of the quilting helpers will be coming on Friday.

I don't know if I had mentioned this here, but this quilt is for an adorable 12 month old, the son of a local mama-friend, who has recently been diagnosed with a condition that will have him spending way more than his fair share of time at hospitals throughout his childhood. Hopefully having something familiar to cart along will bring him comfort.

It's a group project even though I sort of commandeered the applique section. It wasn't intentional though. We had brainstormed such an awesome idea that I could totally see it in my head. But since I had never done any applique work before I was sort of figuring it out as I went along. I couldn't think of a way to show others how to do what I wasn't sure I could do. I'm so grateful my friends were patient with me while I figured it out.

I'm excited at the very thought of having a series of old-fashioned quilting bees! That way everyone will get a chance to stitch a little love into it.

strawberry quilt

I also started a smaller quilt (21.5" square) yesterday. It went together super fast. I have already started quilting it, if you can believe that! This one is a prize donation for July's weight loss challenge at Amitymama.

I've had this in my head for a while and feel such relief that it's finally out of my brain! Am I the only one who gets bogged down by all the ideas cluttering the mind?

Oh, by the way, I intend to write up the pattern for this one to share very soon!

Friday, August 3

It's like it was my birthday or something!!

I got an AMAZING gift in the mail yesterday! I'm not usually one to get all teary-eyed, but this did it! Everybody, meet Rose. She was created by my dear friend, Bettsi and is an EFA (Edith Flack Ackley) style doll. Bettsi's blog is where I first learned of and fell in love with this style of doll. I absolutely adore Rose!! Thank you doesn't seem adequate. I really did just have a birthday (last Friday)so her arrival was quite timely.

Rose seems happier in the chair, don't ya think? I think she'd really appreciate a doll stand. I need to pick up a few as the one I had broke.

I'm pleased to hear that the Giveaway packages are making it to their destinations and are bringing smiles to the faces of their recipients!! Enjoy, ladies!!

(Mrs. Royer, I wish I knew where that soap came from and what scent it is, but I don't have a clue. It is yummy though, I agree!)

The little jute basket is finished. It's about 5" tall and 7" in diameter. I'm not sure what it will be used for just yet. But I'm sure it's purpose will present itself soon enough.

And, I'm back to making good progress on the Wild Things quilt. I've got four movies to watch this weekend so ample opportunity to stitch down all the greenery. Then the borders. Then the big quilting bee style parties can begin!

Also, I want to spread the word about a new swap for which I just signed up, the Four Seasons Quilt Swap Check it out and sign up if you like!!

Have a great weekend!!