Friday, September 1

Things are beginning to return to normal around here (well, normal for us anyway lol). I've been busy stitchin' the past couple days. Here's what got finished. I'm reaching the end of the big order finally. I just have 12 more bendies (which are wrapped and have skirts), a saddle for the pictured unicorn, and a small horse. Then I have a knitting project to finish (a longie soaker for a trade) and I'm caught up. Phew! I should get quite a bit accomplished this weekend as I have 2 movies to watch (Nanny McPhee and Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel). And my husband is going fishing tomorrow so I don't feel badly if I do nothing but crafting.

Once I'm caught up the first thing I'm going to do is make something autumn for the front door. I also want to make a big sheep for the front porch...with stick legs...and a penny rug draped over its back...with leaves and acorns appliqued onto it.

I'm getting so excited for fall!! I'm planning a major potpourri overhaul. Don't laugh...well, ok, you can laugh a little as long as it's with me and not at me.

The first of the supplies arrived today. :-D And how lucky is this? My husband was outside cutting the grass when the UPS truck came by. He just happened to be by the back of the house and he missed the whole delivery. Who me...sneaky? Maybe just a little.

Anyhow, I got some yummy autumn fragrance oils. 16oz. of Autumn Spice and 16 oz. of Woodland Orange Spice (my favorite of the two).

But now I have to wait because today I ordered putka pods, birch cones, and 1" cinnamon sticks. And then there's those orange peel maple leaves:

I just can't wait!!!! I also got a pound of cinnamon (ground powder) for making cinnamon dough.

Oh...and speaking of autumn... Does anyone need a copy of the current (Sept '06) Country Sampler magazine. It appears I bought two. I'd be happy to pass the extra copy along to someone who'd enjoy it. And if you read this far you deserve it! :-D


Renee said...

Ooh, ooh, Mr. Kotter! Can I please have the magazine? Shall we trade?

The maple leaves turned out lovely! Where did you find the tiny cookie cutter?

Dannielle said...

It's yours!

And how handy that I just happen to have an address label already addressed to you. I accidentally made 2 when I sent you a package. But my frugal nature wouldn't allow me to throw away the extra LOL!

I got the tiny cookie cutters at either JoAnn or Michaels. They both carry them. Wilton makes them. JoAnn keeps them with the seasonal stuff. Michaels keeps them by the cake decorating stuff.

I have a bit of a collection of tiny cookie cutters. They're so much cuter than the bigs. And they make great cinnamon dough cut outs for potpourri. And they come in cute little sets. I love things that come in cute little sets. :)

Tiarnna said...

Oh love the leaves!!! Can you bottle up the scent of your house and send me some? LOL

Patty said...

I love the orange peel maple leaves ! Did you make them youself ?
Last year I made a garland of apple slices and orange slices rolled in cinnamon and dried them. I hung them behind the woodstove and all fall and winter they gave the room a subtle spicey smell.