Thursday, September 28

Yay! My new camera arrived!!

Well, it's new to me, at least. :) I'm so thrilled to finally have a camera with a macro setting. And since it's no longer a royal pain in the patootie to take pictures of jewelry, I'm finally photographing and listing all I have on hand in my Etsy Shop It's going to take a while to get everything listed. At the moment I'm about 1/4 way through. I'm sneaking a little break ;-)

And then tonight I'll be sewing horse bodies. I have about 10 cut out and awaiting stitching. I'm starting to work in a sort of assembly line fashion as the holiday season is just around the corner!


Renee said...

Pretty stuff! I love the blue swirly ones. Do you ever make earrings on posts? I'm afraid to wear the dangly ones with a grabby toddler around, but I love handmade earrings.

Dannielle said...

Sort of. I have some post earrings that I add a little dangly bit to. So they're posts but they do have a bit of dangle. But the dangly part ends up being much shorter...a mini-dangle.