Tuesday, September 19

Another corner of my home

I don't have anything interesting to show project-wise. I'm just re-knitting that leg of a soaker/longie that I had to rip out (when I was *so close* to being finished...still anguishing!)

Here is one of my peaceful, cozy spots: my nightstand. I'm bored with the wall color in there (and I've bought a super pale blush pink to replace it). Even so, this spot brings on a contented sigh.

I do a lot of handwork while sitting on my bed. It's a comfy spot and I have plenty of space to spread out my supplies. My nightstand almost always shows evidence of crafty pursuits. :-)

I also have some of my favorite things on the walls surrounding my nightstand. Framed is my daughter's first embroidery project. She made it completely on her own and surprised me with it. It says, "A momma's love". I apologize for the horrid picture. I have a new camera on its way to me so hopefully I won't need to apologize for my pictures for long!

I have a few pieces of wire art created by my dear online friend, Sherrie, hung near my side of the bed. I absolutely love her work and I feel blessed to have so many of her creations. (again, sorry about the picture quality) This teensy vase hangs just to the left of Isabelle's embroidery and the ring bearer's pillow. I keep a bit of dried larkspur in it when I'm lacking tiny fresh flowers.

I also wanted to mention how thrilled I am that the potpourri orders I mailed off have been so well received!! And while it isn't something I have stocked and on hand, I will be offering different blends in the future. I hadn't planned to go into the potpourri business but here I am. :-)

It all started with tea. My tea habit has gotten to the point that it's more practical for me to buy in bulk from a wholesaler of herbs, spices, and botanicals. To meet the minimum order requirements I also allowed myself to indulge my potpourri habit. Since it's been such a hit I'll plan to create a new blend or two each time I replenish my tea stash. It won't be too terribly long before that happens. It appears I've understimated my rooibos needs.


tender arts said...

That is a cozy spot! I sleep on the same side of the bed too (have you noticed that it's the passenger's side? LOL!) and also love to work there in my cozy little nest. So glad that there will be new potpourri blends to look forward to. It is such a treat to get home from work and be greeted by the lovely, lovely smell of the autumn blend.

littlejennywren said...

I love your daughter's little embroidery. I've just read the other comment and I sleep on the passengers side of the bed too.

Renee said...

I love your cozy corner, Dannielle. I keep wanting to invest in a head lamp so I can knit in bed. LOL. Right now I usually just read with a flashlight.

Dannielle said...

Renee, that's why I have such a tiny lamp. :) I can read, knit/crochet/etc, without bothering my husband (who goes to sleep entirely too early).