Saturday, September 2

A corner of my home & There be pirates, matey!

I love the glimpe into another's life when they share a "corner". So I thought I'd share one of mine. (click the picture for a bigger version)

My house is puny small quaintly-sized so there aren't all that many corners to see. But I futzed around with things in the dining room today so I'll start with it.

The quilt-covered table is holding a cake stand filled with stacks of still-warm peanut butter cookies. And the teapot is filled with some yummy peach rooibos and licorice root tea to wash them down. I'm on my second cup. The spaghetti sqaush sisters on the table are destined for dinner (with pesto and shrimp, I think). And Isabelle and I played a round of Chinese checkers a little while ago. I expect a rematch after dinner.

Here's close-up of the framed vintage embroidered piece that hangs under the shelf. It never shows up in photos. The wrinkles aren't really that pronounced. They're just showing up because I had to play with the photo to get the coloring right. If they were that bad I would have dismantled the whole thing...vintage or not! :-) I just love it. (again, click the picture for a better view)

Ok, I'm a dork. I just realized you already saw this particular "corner" the other day when I posted a picture of the kids having breakfast. Sorry for the redundancy!

And here is my pirate with her treasure chest, and her booty, and her map. Isabelle came up with the cutest idea today. She boxed up the treasure (lollipops, empty spools, a small bag of change, and a di) in a recycled box. Then she dug a hole in the backyard and buried it. She made a map and put it where Mason would find it. What 5 year old boy would be thrilled to find a pirate map?!

Well it took him all of 3 minutes to dig up the box. He brought it inside and tore into it. When he saw the booty he stomped his foot and said, "That's it?!?" I heard him mumble, "Dumb pirates" as he made his way back down the hall.


Renee said...

Mason is a poopyhead!

I love your house, Dannielle. It is so cozy looking, and the embroidery reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. In the back of one of the books there is a drawing of their breadplate (? I think?) that has the same saying on it.

And what rock do I live under? I never knew birch trees had cones. Those are so cute! I can't wait until I can put baskets of potpourri around and not worry about them getting eaten. :insert eye roll:

littlejennywren said...

Hi, I found your site through Simmy's blog and I'm so glad I did. Your work is beautiful. I see by your links that you have already visited me. It's wonderful to meet a fellow traveller in the wonderful world of Waldorf inspired craft. Once again your work is fantastic.
Regards Jenny

Tiarnna said...

ROFL, oh that Mason cracks me up!!!

And I love love love your house. You need to send pics to a magazine. seriously.