Monday, September 18

I'm in heaven!

This entire week will have the weather of my dreams! The highs will be mostly in the mid 60's...cloudy with some drizzly (chilly even!) nights. I love waking up to a house that is on the chilly side because the windows were left a bit open all night. Because, of course, the remedy for that is muffins and a pot of tea.

I also love how darkness is arriving earlier in the evening. I've never been a big fan of daylight saving's time staving off darkness until 9pm or later. I've missed getting snug on the sofa with some yarn or a stitching project while enjoying the cozy dimness of lamplight and flickering candles...even better if I'm wearing pajamas and softie socks!

And my husband is liking the fact that I'm starting to wear my hair down again. I get too hot to wear it down in the summer. However, I've come to find that wearing my hair down does have its risks. Last night I was in the same spot I'm at now, in the kitchen seated at the computer. And my son (5) stood behind me and began playing with my hair. His plan was to make my hair a big tangle, but my hair doesn't tangle easily. I guess he got frustrated that his evil plan wasn't working because he moved on to Plan B. While I was happily typing he grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped off a chunk of my hair. My initial reaction was shock and disbelief. Before I could get to feeling anger he came around from behind me, held the lock of hair up to my face, and smugly proclaimed a triumphant, "ha ha!". Then he turned and ran away. I had to ask my husband to go talk to him because I couldn't stop laughing.

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Andrew said...

I know that feeling, when your mind says you really should be disciplining them but your belly just wants to laugh! :o)

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