Friday, September 29

I got a bit sidetracked today

I had intended to work on stitching horses today but I got a bit distracted by this lovely wool yarn in this gorgeous autumn color.

I was putting away the yarn I had scattered around the house and this yarn wouldn't stop speaking to me. It wasn't my fault, the yarn made me do it!! So in the end I have one half-sewn horse and a little crocheted autumn doll (click the pictures to make them bigger) to show for the day. Maybe I'll manage to get some more horse sewing done tomorrow.

Edited to add that I've just finished listing her for sale. She can be found in the "Nature Table Display Dolls" category.


kristin said...

oh she's just ADORABLE!! I love that little vest...nice work, can't wait to see the horse :)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

She is gorgeous! Absolutely lovable and hugable.

simmyb said...

She is so lovely as are all your creations I must say.

faty said...

she is truily pretty!