Saturday, September 9

Martha would be proud.

Martha Stewart, that is. Did you see my post the other day about the wonderful way of organizing fabric that Simmy happened upon? Well, I began organizing it today. I worked on it for a few hours. Then my back started hurting and I decided it might be wise to break up the organizing into several small sessions. No need to kill myself trying to get it all done in one fell swoop.

But seriously, how beautiful is that box? Pretty, darn beautiful, I think.

I'm using boxes bought from an office supply store. They're the type meant for holding files. And each little bolt of fabric is wrapped around 2 manila file folders (with the tabs cut off, one inside the other).

I was planning to cover the boxes with fabric but the boxes didn't pop together the way I thought they would. Because of how they're made it would have been a huge task. So, I skipped it. I do have a closet in my future studio so I'll just keep them in there, behind a door, on shelves. Ya know, since they're not all cute and decorative.

And in my spare time over the past few days (basically when my hands are tired of knitting but are still feeling fidgetty) I've made these wee babies with little knitted cotton hats. I saw some like this that PraireMouse made (click on her Flickr box to see her lovely creations!). Her little babes were so stinkin' adorable I had to make some.

And I would have shown you a picture of that cake, but it's gone. *oink*


Renee said...

I love it! What a great idea. Hey, you know you could always decoupage the boxes ;) Seems a shame to hide that beautiful array of fabrics.

The wee little babies are very sweet.

The magazines came yesterday, thank you so much! And the wee chocolate cake pincushion! The cuteness! Ack!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Your little babies are adorable!!

Patty said...

oh gosh those babies are so cute !
Love the way your fabric looks but I suspect my stash has way too many pieces to be stored that way without building a tower higher than the hosue of boxes. Guess I will have to stick with my floor to ceiling bookshelves : )

littlejennywren said...

Gorgeous little dolls and such pretty colours. Your organising is impressive. aren't fabrics a wonderful thing.