Monday, September 4

Oh, and while I'm at it...

I think I'm now *officially* a collector of embroidery floss. I have a good amount right now. But I seem to always be needing a certain color. I buy floss just about every time I go into a store that sells it.

Well, today I won an ebay auction for a lot of over 450 skeins of DMC floss. I've been trying to win a big lot of floss for a while now. Even though I always snipe (E-Snipe is my friend) I'm cheap. But finally I found a lot of floss offered by a seller who doesn't take paypal. I love those auctions! So for $30 I will have enough floss to roll in nakie, should I so choose.


Patty said...

that is a big win, all that floss should keep you well supplied for a bit. I am just about to learn to make some of the bendies.
May I link your blog on mine ?

Tiarnna said...

So do we get a pic of that too?? No, not the nekkie. ;)