Monday, September 4

May I have a drumroll, please?!

I've finally finished the big order. Care to happy dance with me? Or a snoopy dance maybe? I just need to package a few things and pack the box. Whew!

Next on the agenda is to finish knitting a long overdue longie soaker. So I expect to be in a haze of yarn and clicking needles until it's finished.

On another note, I tend to collect things unintentionally. And just today I realized I have a collection of scissors. I didn't do it on purpose. And really, I have no idea why except that I'm always in search of the Holy Grail of scissors...and cheap would be good, too. I wonder what a psychiatrist would say about this particularly quirk of mine.


Patty said...

what beautiful dolls and horses you made. I am in awe of your work.

Renee said...

Whoa, score on the floss!!
The bendies are wonderful.