Wednesday, September 6

thrifting loot!

We went thrifting again last night and I feel like I totally scored. I've been wanting a breadbox for a while now but haven't wanted to spend $40-50 on one. I was giddy when I found this one at the thrift store. It has some scratches on the top and a few marks on the white paint but it's solid wood. It's problems are nothing that I can't solve with a sander. So I'll consider this picture a "before" shot.

And, of course, I found another basket I needed. I plan to perform a handlectomy on this one. The reason I'm on the prowl for good sturdy baskets is that we're in the process of finishing our basement. A good portion of the basement will be my studio space. And my preferred method of organization is baskets on shelves. And handles don't do well on shelves.

The book section is another section of the thrift store that always gets our attention. We almost always find books that we need. Not pictured is a '80s Christmas crafting book. It has the neatest quilted nativity dolls in it. If I owned a scanner I'd share.

In addition to knitting I also whipped this ring/pincushion/cake up yesterday.

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