Thursday, September 14

Introducing Colette

I finished the doll that *was* going to be an angel and *was* going to be for the front door. I still might make her some (removable) angel wings for the holidays when I make her a new collar for the holidays. But my husband expressed concern that she might get stolen if I put her out front. And I can't risk that because Colette is one of those dolls who is real.

Yes, there is still a part of me that wonders if dolls come to life when we're not looking. Not all dolls, mind you. But some dolls just seem to be thinking. Or they sometimes seem to have an expression on their face. And sometimes, while I'm working on a doll, information about them just comes to me. Colette is one of those dolls.

When I showed my husband her finished collar he asked why I spelled autumn, "automne". I explained that it was because she is French. He wanted to know how I knew she is French. Of course, it is because she has a French accent. Perhaps not everyone can hear her speak though. Isabelle knew she is French, too, though. So, really, I'm not crazy. :-)

Although realizing I made a huge mistake on the knitting project I'm working on for a trade made me feel very crazy. I was about to start the waistband ribbing on a pair of pants and realized I forgot to increase on the last row of ankle ribbing. So I had to rip out the entire thing back to the end of the ankle ribbing. Waaah!


Renee said...

Oh Dannielle! She is lovely! It's a shame you can't hang her on your door. :(
I love her sweet face.

prairie mouse said...

hi danielle. just had a good catch up on your blog. still catching up on everything since our holiday! when i saw the photo of the babies i thought i don't remember photographing them like that! nice work! and colette, well, elle est tres belle! and you painted her with the walnut ink after you made the body and limbs? wow! your autome table is lovely too!

~vicki said...

what a charming doll! i'm visiting for the first time and am impressed with all the beautiful things you've made. thanks for sharing them!

tender arts said...

Yes, she is very French. I suppose you know that she can hardly understand half of what has been said about her. Please tell her that a fellow dollmaker said she is tres jolie.

P.S. If you have never read The Mennyms, you really must. It is right up your alley!

LisaC said...


Patty said...

She is lovely indeed.
I remember seeing some show when I was a kid, twilight zone or something where a little girls dolls came to life at night and I remember thinking, "there I knew it was true, dolls do come to life at night" as I knew my dolls did.

norththreads said...

She is gorgeous!!!!!!! I love her! Thanks so much for visiting!