Tuesday, September 26

We took a road trip to Silver Dollar City over the weekend. It was a busy whirlwind of a weekend. Lots of walking, a vacation from dieting, and two very smiley, very tired children. (and a very tired me too!)

During the long drives (4-ish hours each way) I worked on making these little things: a knitted hat, crocheted booties, and a wee gnome doll. They're for the same baby I sent the longies too last Friday. They're sort of an apology for my slowness/thank you for your patience gift. I mailed them off today. I hope they're enjoyed! :)

I received a brand spankin' new (as in just released) crafty book today: Toys to Sew. (Ack! I'm not supposed to even have this yet...Amazon says it's being released Oct 17!) I've really been looking forward to it's release since it's right up my alley. I'm sad to say I'm disappointed in it. Many of the toys featured in this book are....ummm, what's the right word...juvenile. And I mean juvenile as in they look sloppily made...as if made by a child. They lack refinement.

I hate to be so negative. I hope it doesn't come across as cattiness because it really isn't meant that way at all. I have many, many crafty books and my doll and toy making books are among my favorites. But this book just doesn't have much to offer. The dolls pictured on the cover are by far the best project in the book.

As for toymaking, Sewing Tiny Toys is still my favorite. I've learned so much about creating patterns from this book. My daughter has used it's patterns with impressive results.

On another note, I'm now pretty much caught up with all my orders and trades. I have one pending trade but I have some time to complete it. So I've begun plotting out what I'll be creating for my site for the holidays! I cut out unicorn and pegasus bodies today. And I have plans to cut out some horses and dragons tomorrow. Let the stitching begin!!


Renee said...

Ack! The booties! For some reason little booties always melt my heart. <3
I'm always the driver for some reason, dh hates to drive, so I never get to knit. I've often been tempted to knit and drive. LOL. No, I wouldn't actually do it, but boy is it tempting!

Bummer about the new book. I took Sewing Tiny Toys out of the library a few weeks ago, great book!

Wendy WaterBirde said...

These are SO adorable : )