Saturday, December 2

We're living the pioneer life

We had some crazy ice storms (followed by snow) come through Thursday/Friday. At about 2am Friday morning we lost power. It's still out (we are at my in-law's at the moment).

I've always been drawn to a simple, pioneer-like lifestyle. But without a wood stove or fireplace it just isn't any fun. Although, I am quite pleased with the oil lamp I bought Wednesday. I should have bought several.

I'm feeling stressed as far as crafting goes. My hands just do not function well in a house that is 49 degrees. And as lovely as the oil lamp is, it's still too dark to sew after 4pm. I could crochet though. Too bad I don't have an pending orders that involve crocheting.


littlejennywren said...

Perhaps you are beng given the gift of a good rest. I hope you don't get too far behind with your orders.

Bettsi said...

Oh my! I thought you were too far south for that kind of weather! We used to live in a 150 year old house in Placerville. The only heat was a woodstove. Pioneer life lost a lot of its charm for me that winter!

Feelin' Groovy.... said...

I wish I could give you the gift of a wood stove! I love ours, I love how the heat radiates out from it. Sometimes I sit in front of it and read, sometimes I sew.

Simmy said...

Sounds a bit like the Long Winter - poor you. I like power cuts when they happen but not if they go on too long and it's that blooming cold. Hope things improve.