Sunday, December 10

This week is the one where I tend to wig out a bit. Everything has to be finished and in the mail by Friday. Or else.

This is what I've completed this weekend. There are multiples of some of these so it's really more. But who needs to see 2 Mr. Tumnuses (Tumni? lol!)

I am sooo close to being finished with "the big order". I just have 3 dragons (which are cut out, ready to sew) and 2 penguins (I lost my pattern and have to start from scratch on these) and 5 sets of fairy mail...and then I'm finished!

I didn't quite realize how big this order was. It didn't look so big when since it was a list of maybe 15 different things. But there were multiples of most things. I didn't count it all up until yesterday. Sixty-one items. I'm glad I didn't count it up in the beginning. I might have completely freaked out!

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this week plays out. I work well under pressure. My husband knows that if I so much as warm a can of soup for dinner it'll be a miracle. Old Mr. Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome is rearing his ugly head in a big, bad way...finally. I've been expecting him. But so far it's mostly just pain. I can manage that with meds. I had a bit of numbness today. That's the thing that makes me mad. I was able to manage by doing the big shake-shake dance. Gets the blood back into my hands. LOL! So far I'm winning the race, I think.

I was really pleased with how Mr. Tumnus turned out. I just drew up the pattern for him today. He's a wee guy...only 4 1/2" tall (11cm for you metric people). I was thrilled to see that he stands on his own with the help of his tail.

Ah well, these old bones are tired. I think I'll head to bed early so I can tackle some early morning dragon sewing.

And, hey, this makes post #99. You know what that means... :-D


Renee said...

Oh wow! Mr. Tumnus! Dannielle, you have outdone yourself with the Narnia folk, methinks. Awesome.

Sorry about the CTS. Have you ever tried those gloves for crafters? I've been thinking of trying them. I had CTS during my pregnancy, and from time to time I feel twinges of it coming back if I'm knitting a lot. I take lots of breaks and do little hand and wrist exercises, but I've been meaning to try those gloves.

June said...

Your hard is paying off--everything is wonderful.

Take care of yourself. I have the same carpal tunnel problem and it's annoying--to say the very least.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

You are just too awesomely awesome!! Okay, so that's probably not proper English, but who cares? Your little things are too precious!

Tara said...

I love Mr. Tumnus! Margeaux just asked for a set of Narnia characters. Consider this my order for Christmas. I'll come by later this week to pick them up. rofl ;)

Deb said...

Dannielle, thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. Your work is amazing! I especially love Mr Tumnus. Debbie