Friday, December 8

We haven't done much holiday decorating yet

I am hoping I'll be able to convince my husband that tonight Monday would be a good night to get a tree. I need to get started on wrapping presents and it's much easier to get motivated when there's a tree to put them under.

So far we've only done little touches of decorating. Of course, the nativity set is out. The gingerbread people are loose. And Colette has been de-autumned.

I made this little stocking for her to hold. The feather tree pattern came from the free pattern offerings at Vicki's wonderful store, Pattern Bee.

I had planned to make Colette some angel wings and a new collar to fancy her up for Christmas. No time for that just yet though.

I think wings would be perfect for the holidays since she has a star above her head. Our house is a split-level. When you walk in the front door you are in a small foyer and are faced with steps leading up on the left and steps leading down on the right. Colette hangs on the bit of wall above the steps that lead down. Since she's one of the first things you see when you enter our home, I want to keep her seasonally correct.


Bettsi said...

She looks so happy to have a stocking all her own! She will be adorable in her wings and halo too!

Renee said...

Oh, I love the stocking!

Renee said...

Also, did you make the yellow star above her? I need one!

Dannielle said...

nope, I didn't make it. I got it from this ebay seller:

I love her stuff!

Patty said...

You make the most amazingly beautiful things ! The stocking is just so perfect