Tuesday, December 12

The big order is DONE!!

All of this (the last portion of the big order to be finished and mailed) is finished and has been packaged, boxed up, and mailed off.

After the post office I stopped at walgreens to get a prescription filled. While I was sitting in the waiting area I got brave and sat my bottom in the chair with the massaging cushion on it for people to sample. Of course, no one ever sits in it when the waiting area is busy. And it was busy. I tried to not have an overly blissful expression on my face. Not sure if I succeeded. It was pretty blissful.

I think I need this one though. Seems similar to, but much cheaper than, the iJoy chair I've been coveting for quite a while now.

I'm loving all the responses to the 100th post!! I've decided I'm going to do give-aways more often. :-)


Renee said...

Oh, those chair massagers rock! It helps to have a 5 year old begging you to sit in it, then you don't feel like such a dork. LOL.

What are the little square things in the bags at the bottom of your pic?

Renee said...

Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I always forget you can click on the pic to blow it up. LOL. I see it is fairy mail. Too cute. :o)