Friday, December 29

I'm making good progress on the penny rug I'm working on. It's my belated part of a trade with a wonderful mama-friend. I hope to be finished with it and have it on its way by Monday. I just have the backing and the edging to go.

I also plan to have laundry caught up, the house whipped back into shape, and the children back to homeschooling by Monday.

The kids received quite a few computer games for Christmas and I haven't imposed limits on their screen time since then. However I'm starting to see the effects (short tempers and a general sense of spazziness when they've finally pulled themselves away). So it's time to get back into our routine.

Yesterday, in a lame attempt to distract them from the computer, they made graham cracker "gingerbread" houses. Mason sort of ate his as he built it. He spent a good hour building but had nothing to show for it in the end. Here's Isabelle's house in all it's glory.

Oh! This gave me a giggle... I had my husband stop on his way home from work to pick up some candy for decorating the houses. He isn't all that confident of his abilities to properly execute such tasks. He did fine though. What had me giggling was that he bought a giant bag of red hots. They were great for decorating...nice and small. But I asked him why such a huge bag. His thought was that the kids could just eat the rest. He seemed shocked when I told him that kids don't like red hots. I mean they're HOT. They were the halloween candy that held no trade value. I likened them to lemon drops. Another candy that doesn't seem to be meant for children. And then he admitted that he also likes lemon drops. Ah! So he was the one kid who actually ate red hots without having been dared. :-)


Angie said...

Oooh, what a beautiful penny rug!

Lisa said...

I love red hots!! but then again, I never think food is spicy enough and other people are breathing fire!! That penny rug is just gorgeous!

Becka said...

I like red hots, but they always remind me of a story my dad told us from his childhood. He once ate too many while on a boyscout trip and spent the entire night throwing them up. He can't even stand the smell of red hots anymore.