Tuesday, November 28

Isn't this the cutest EVER!?!

Our little dog, Sugar, is the sweetest dog ever. I don't know if it's the breed (she's a bichon frise...which is supposed to be a sweet natured dog) or just her, but she is the loviest, cuddliest, sweetheart of a dog.

She is so sweet and friendly to other animals...including animals that many dogs would try to eat. Well, Rice-the-pig wandered over to the dog. She started nudging at Sugar. The dog responded by rolling onto her side. And the little pig was rooting around trying to nurse. She finally gave up and snuggled in for a nap. The dog reached her head down and gave her a gentle licky-kiss on the back before falling asleep herself.

Just the sweetest thing ever, I tell ya!


Tara said...

Awww, that is sweet. Rice was a clever name.

Angie said...

Amazing!! And absolutely adorable!

littlejennywren said...

What a beautiful picture. I think that's wonderful. I know (and it has been proven) that our dog would eat a guinea pig. She must be a dear sweet little dog.

Renee said...

So sweet!!