Sunday, December 3

Christmas in the dollhouse

Not the cool dollhouse kits Isabelle and I bought a while back. No, we haven't mustered the courage to tackle those yet. But Christmas has hit the sturdy toy dollhouse.

We were still without electricity yesterday. And since it was really cold inside out house (got down to 49 degrees inside before we gave up) we went to the in-law's house (where I posted from yesterday). I had grabbed a bunch of crafting supplies before we left. But, it turned out that I could only get so far on orders with what I had brought along. When I was no longer able to work on orders I whipped up a tree for the dollhouse. From the look of things, they had a wild Christmas party while I was out grocery shopping today. I think that mouse girl is a bad influence. The dolls were always quite reserved before she came along.


Renee said...

What! It looks like Hurricane Lydia struck your dollhouse too! She was further reaching than I thought.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

LOL! They look positively exhausted from all that partying!

Bettsi said...

What a great tree! I can see how that would inspire some parties! Thanks for your comment on my dining room dilemma. Muslin is what I was thinking too and I appreciate the second opinion!