Wednesday, December 27

It's been a few days, hasn't it?

This household still hasn't completely recovered from the Christmas frenzy. But I'm making progress. Slowly but surely. We've been hit by another rounds of illness. Some of the family that we saw on Christmas Eve was sick and shared. So far only Mason and I are afflicted. Since I was at the tail end of the previous cold I didn't see it coming. Which means I failed to head it off with Zicam (I love that stuff!). But, if you're going to be sick, this lazy week between Christmas and the new year is a good week for it.

It's become quite difficult for me to get any computer time. The children got all sorts of wonderful computer games and have been on the computer non-stop. I only found it free just now because Isabelle is at her friend's house and Mason is napping. He never sleeps at 11:30am. See, sickness can be handy.

On the crafty front, I'm in "finish the works-in-progress" mode. I finished up the little redwork embroidery piece, painted the frame, and framed it. I finished the giant granny sqaure (50" x 50") blanket I started last spring in an effort to use up yarn from my stash. Well, it's almost finished. I am halfway finished with the crab stitch edging.

But the rolls of fun in the picture are for a future project. I picked them up at Target's after-Christmas clearance yesterday. I want to make some of those little sparkly, snowy houses I've been seeing. I saw some really precious houses when blog hopping. Only now I can't remember where I saw them. One blog had them under a glass cloche. (found it!), (found another one!), (and yet another!) I still need to get my hands on some bottle brush trees. And if anyone can point me toward some pictures of those wintery houses, I'd be so appreciative. I'm hoping I can make some houses from cardstock. Would that work, ya think?

You see, around here Christmas and winter are too entirely different decorating events. And it's almost time to decorate for winter. I bought some borax yesterday to make these. We'll hang them in the living room window once the tree is out of the way.

By the way, if you're a big book hoarder (yes, I hoard), head on over to Book Closeouts. They're having a sale where if you spend $5 on books you get $5 worth of free books. They match whatever you spend with free books. So if you spend $100 you get $100 in free books. You have to click the link in the shopping cart to shop for the free books. Big fun!

I hope everyone had a marvelous holiday filled with joy and love!!


Donna said...

Martha Stewart has a whole village of houses in her book "Classic Crafts and Recipes Inspired by the Songs of Christmas." Maybe there are pictures on her web site. She made hers from chipboard but cardstock might work.


Dannielle said...

I think I love you, Donna!

This is where being a book hoarder is useful. I have that book. :-) Yes, the handy-dandy templates will do perfectly.

I want to make them smaller than her village. The templates are just right as they are, without enlarging. I think some good, stiff cardstock will work nicely on that scale.

louise said...

happy holidays dannielle! hope you are feeling better. we are having a lovely lazy time, sometimes curling up and reading twice in a day!!!! : - )

norththreads said...

Hoping you & your family had a wonderful Christmas this year! Cingrats to your winner & loving the redwork stitchery! Why dont you move up to Canada, & be my neighbor???? We could craft the days away! LOL

Mrs.T said...

Here's another thought about those little houses... In Country Woman magazine, the Nov/Dec. issue for 2004, there are instructions for making them as well, with detailed patterns. I have been dying to make these ever since I saw them. Maybe this year!

I noticed that in my Walmart in the Christmas clearance items there are some bottle brush-like trees near the holiday village accessories. Maybe a Walmart near you might have them too.

Love your site!