Monday, December 18

Getting ready for the birthday party

My very favorite Christmas tradition is the birthday party we have for Jesus. We decorate the dining room with crepe paper and balloons. We also make and decorate a birthday cake. We even light candles on the cake and sing "Happy Birthday".

My husband has always thought the whole thing is a bit odd but it's one of the few traditions from my childhood that escaped the dysfunction. And as a Christian, it goes a long way toward keeping the focus of Christmas where I believe it should be in our home.

I had also picked up some crackers at Target. However, I learned the hard way that they are something that needs to be kept hidden until the last moment. I had set them in a basket with all the party things. Mason was obviously intrigued. Every few hours I'd hear a loud "pop". I'd call out to Mason asking him what he was doing as I made my way to his bedroom. I found him with his hands hidden under a blanket and his response to my question was a feeble, "Nothing". He was so cute I couldn't be annoyed. So in one day two children blew through all 8 crackers.

Next time I go to Target I'm going to pick up some of the more expensive crackers (they had better contents) and keep them hidden until the party. :-)


Bettsi said...

I think it's a lovely tradition. It puts the focus in the right place. Another nice thing is La Posada, but you would need to gather a few friends for that.

Patty said...

I think thats a wonderful tradition, especially for teaching little ones the real meaning of Christmas. I haven't done "crackers" in a long time, might have to make a trip to targets !

Devin said...

Ohhh...I need to go to Target and get some crackers! We did those a few years ago and it was a big hit.

June said...

I think the birthday party for Jesus idea is wonderful--a good reminder of what Christmas is meant to be.