Thursday, November 2

Things that make me smile

This book arrived the other day and I am completely enchanted! As is becoming a normal occurrance, it's all Bettsi's fault. Do you see that sweet doll she made? Ack! Too sweet!

And those most-amazing, giant, acorn caps were given to me by my friend, Becka. I can't wait to use them as doll hats!(click on the pictures for a better view)

The little quilted mat was something I made on a whim with a few of my leftover quilt squares from the swap. We often fill up a big glass pitcher with ice water for the dinner table. It tends to sweat a puddle of water onto the wood. So I made this mat with 2 layers of cotton batting inside to sit under the pitcher.

When I washed it, it got so awesomely puckery. I got so excited! I just love how quilts do that puckery thing when they're washed. Here's a picture of the back. I love how the brown fabric shows off the stitching...even if it's less than perfect.

When not in use, the little quilted mat has been kept on this doll chair under the doll's knitting/sewing basket.

There is usually a doll sitting there but she's been wandering around the house lately. (I'm a hopeless rearranger!)

The chair, for now, is against a small bit of wall in the dining room, by the back door. This whole little wall makes me smile! I love the tall Mama Annie. She's a vacuum cover. Only problem is, the vacuum she covers is broken. The little Annie apron on the wall is so dear to me. A lady who also hangs out at Amitymama found it while out thrifting and she knew I'd love it. It still gives me a warm fuzzy to remember finding such a wonderful surprise in my mailbox that day!

Oh! Before I forget, here's a picture of my little trick-or-treaters. :-)


tender arts said...

Oh! Blame it on me will you? I adore that book. Edith's writing style is so sweet and the doll are even sweeter! The kids look great! Hope they got lots and lots of candy!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Beautiful costumes and I recognize the sword. My son has the same set and loves them. I'm hoping to make my first waldorf doll before Christmas. I have everything, just not the skill to make those fussy and complicated heads.

littlejennywren said...

That dollmaking book looks really interesting. I checked out the doll you linked to. She is beautiful.Is that what you are going to make?