Sunday, November 5

I know, I know. But I've been busy.

For real and for true, I have. And I have proof! I've been working on wrapping up all my "in progress" projects. You see, I received a rather large order the other day. The time for dilly-dallying has passed.

Large orders bring on the need to organize and schedule. I actually do rather well under pressure. I fear my world collapsing so I stay on top of things which would normally bring out the procrastinator in me. I pull out the crock pot and start laundry first thing in the morning. It's scary, really.

Too bad that super-productive, efficient me can only visit for short periods of time. She tends to fizzle out after a few weeks and leaves behind this mere shell of a woman who needs 18 hours of sleep a day and much chocolate. So enjoy her while she's here. And be sure to send chocolate.

So those two horses are finished and ready to be mailed. And we have a finished fancy unicorn and her dragon friend. Also ready to go.

I know. You're thinking this has to be it. No way could there be anything else. It's just too much. But you'd be wrong.

On the other end of the crafting spectrum we have some primitive dolls in the works. All sewn and stuffed, I'm just waiting for the walnut ink staining to dry. Yes, I did that on purpose. It is supposed to look like that. It's ok. You don't have to like it (yes, Melissa, I'm talking to you...I promise to not hang them on the wall though).

And lastly, we have a doll quilt. It really is a rectangle. The camera's angle turned it into a bit of a trapezoid, I see.

I could SO get addicted to making these things. Seriously.

It's been stained with walnut ink too but much more mildly than the doll parts.

All you experienced quilters out there are gasping, I know. I was too lazy for binding but I also lost the option when the words "Faith" and "Friends" ended up too close to the edge. If the two red patches that are touching are making you twitch, please keep in mind I was going for a primitive/childlike/naive look. It was intentional. Really. :)

I have fallen in love with small bits of embroidery scattered around. The problem with this is the definition of "scrap of fabric worth saving" has now changed. Previously, a scrap of muslin the size of a slice of bread was easily considered trash. But not anymore. Now they're special and have purpose.

I think I need a new basket in which to collect these small bits.


Bettsi said...

Wow! You have been busy! I love the horses and unicorn so much! I can't even begin to understand how you did that dragon! Amazing! So glad you updated- it's always fun to see what you are up to.

simmy said...

The unicorn is so lovely - I think whoever receives it will be delighted. As for the bodies dyed with wanut - I'm intrigued. Looking forward to seeing what they'll be like.

littlejennywren said...

You have done a wonderful job. The unicorn is fantastic. I know what you mean about workng well under pressure. I'm exactly the same, able to do superhuman amounts of work but thank goodness for chcolate when I crumble at the end of it all. I like your "prim" work .It is fun isn't it?

littlejennywren said...

PS. I love the dragon best of all.

Renee said...

Ooh, the little quilt is so sweet! And I can't wait to see the finished dolls.

norththreads said...

This sounds exactly like me. I work much better under pressure or i just pace around thinking and not "doing"!LOL