Tuesday, November 21

Oink! Baaa! Honk!

I've been stitchin' like a mad woman! The farm animals are all completed. Next up is bendy dolls...LOTS of bendy dolls. :)

In addition to all this sewing I did a bit of listing on eBay and Etsy

And...and! My nativity set arrived!! I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow. I just love it. I can't wait to get totally decorated!

Actually, I may need to take tomorrow off from crafting to do some extra cooking and cleaning. Decorating always helps me get into the mood to clean so maybe I'll pull some fun stuff out tomorrow.


littlejennywren said...

The nativity set is beautiful. I'm sure your home will look beautiful when its decorated for Christmas.

*jenny said...

Oh! Your felt animals are fabulous! The cows especially... I love cows! What a talented girl you are. :o)

Renee said...

I just love the animals. You are so stinkin' ambitious! And the nativity looks beautiful. Do you still do a nature table?

Also, I found another nativity I thought you'd like:

Dannielle said...


Mason used to have a thing for rubber duckies. Good thing he wasn't around when I checked that link.

We still sorta/kinda do a nature table. At some point I realized I was way more into it than they were. So I stopped bothering to make it all waldorfy and child centered.

I still decorate that table under the mirror (where the nativity set is now) seasonally. But now I tend to display things that are more in line with my ever-evolving decorating style.

It's still referred to as "the nature table". And it's still the place where you stick a cool rock or leaf when you find it. But you're more likely to find a prim annie than a waldorf doll.

cinderelly said...

that is a wonderfully beautiful nativity set! your blog is very nice...i came upon it through vicki's 'turkeyfeathers' site.