Monday, November 27

Is it Christmas already?

Well, it is here. Both kiddos wanted a guinea pig for Christmas. Isabelle already has 2 but, apparently, that wasn't enough.

Last week we went to Petco to LOOK. I wanted to get an idea of how much it would cost as we'd need 2 new cages. Well, the kids did more than just look. They picked out the EXACT piggies they wanted. Since it isn't likely the same pigs would be there in a month, Christmas came early.

Isabelle named her pig "Smudge" and Mason came up with the glorious name "Rice" all by himself. (coincindentally, we had rice with dinner tonight...hmmm) It was his very first time getting to name a pet of his very own. Perhaps I should have devoted some time preparing him for the responsibility of choosing a name. :)


Becka said...

Oh, Rice is a perfect name! And are you crazy?!?!? Instead of being the crazy cat lady, you will live with the crazy piggie family. LOL, enjoy your new pets, I know they will be greatly loved. See if you can potty train them...that would be fun...

norththreads said...

Oh these are too cute-have to make sure my kids dont see this post-we have enough animals!!

Devin said...

Aw, should have told me! We have four guinea pigs that won't be making the 700 mile move.

If you are looking for better cage options, try making a C&C cage. My two pairs of piggies are in a 4x2 and a 3x2 cage. Together, both cages cost me under $35 and are HUGE.

Very cute piggies...

barbs said...

danielle, good thing you didn't have phad thai for dinner lol.

miss being at amitys but reel life is too hectic at the moment.

a singapore mama wanted a waldorf doll so i sent her your webpage :)

take care
barbs who doesn't have a blog name