Thursday, November 2

Someone requested more telling pictures of my little house. I snapped these to share on a thread about decorating at Prairie Homemaker so I'll share them here too.

I had difficulty with the lighting for some reason. I couldn't get a decent kitchen picture at all. The kitchen is open to the dining room. The 3 rooms make a "L" and, aside from the bedrooms and the bathroom, they're about it for now. We're working on finishing the basement, but that project is on hold until tax refund time.

I'll be back a little later (it's way too early right now...I'm going back to bed) to share something exciting that arrived in the mail.


Melissa said...

I like the looks of your home - so warm and inviting! And what a lovely hutch you have in your dining room :-)

tender arts said...

It looks so cozy and inviting! I wish I could come over and have some tea with you! We could make EFA dolls together!

norththreads said...

What a beautiful home!!

smilnsigh said...

"Someone requested more telling pictures of my little house."

-smile- 'Twas me, I think.

Oh thank you!!!!! It's so precious. I must click on your link and see what else you've posted, on topic of 'corners of my home.'

I simply _love_ seeing people's homes. I don't know why.... I'm not that 'into' decorating myself. We just keep trying to make things be, comfy and pleaseing to us. And that's it. I don't want to change things, often, either. -smile-