Wednesday, November 8

Two lil' button-eyed girls

Those walnut-stained body parts have become doll people. As you can see, they have very different personalities. Miss Messy there on the left seems to have a bit of Romona Quimby...or maybe Junie B. her. I can't wait to get her clothing sewn because now that I've met her, I know that what I have planned totally suits her.

At the moment we're playing dollie day spa. Cheeks have been blushed, boots and hearts have been painted on, and only one girlie is still waiting on her striped stockings. Once her boots have dried fully, she will get her stripes.

Clothing will be dealt with tomorrow. :)


Renee said...

Oh my gosh Dannielle, Miss Messy is totally me. ROFL. I can't wait to see her clothes.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

That's my daughter there on the left - how did you know??

Bettsi said...

What a cute pair of sisters! I'm looking forward to seeing their equally cute outfits!