Tuesday, May 1

Imagination is alive and well

I know at some point Isabelle (who is almost 12...which should explain her expression) will begin to regard imaginative play as something only little children engage in. For now she still embraces imaginative play.

She has turned her bedroom closet into the biggest dollhouse ever. I'm not quite sure where all her clothing went. I thought it best to not ask. She doesn't realize it but I can hear all of the elaborate goings-on of the dolls from the hallway.

She still flits about the backyard singing and talking to herself. It's becoming bittersweet since I know the days of this sort of play are numbered.

This morning I was getting ready to do reading practice with Mason. But then Isabelle volunteered to help him practice if I'd make the cloak I'd been promising her. Sounds like a deal to me! (Mason seems to be much more motivated by his big sis than by me.)

The funny thing is, now that it's finished I expected to see Isabelle running around outside wearing a silver cloak. What I did not expect to see was my six year old son running around wearing a crocheted poncho (with fun fur trim, no less) and a pair of shorts. I was assured that it's what all the sorcerer's apprentices are wearing these days.

And speaking of Mason, guess what happened to my boy while I was cloak-sewing!


Lisa said...

I played with Barbies and my dollhouse until I was 14 years old, and I still go around singing and talking to myself lol. WTG Mason on losing a tooth! My son is 4 1/2 and already talks about it happening to him.

Becka said...

I can only hope that estsher turns out half as fun as Isabelle.

and holy cow! they have both grown up so much. Isabelle and her teen sneer, and Mason's toothless grin. Tomorrow we will be planning Isabelle's baby shower and Mason's wedding. And we will all be old and crippled and wishing we could remember their childhood play.

littlejennywren said...

I remember my younger son at 12 playing in the tree house with his cape on and his sword held high proclaiming something very important when he caught me watching him and was embarrassed. I knew the days of unashamed imaginative play were numbered then.

Bettsi said...

"Lost a tooth today!
He said with a hoot and a holler.
I'll put it under the pillow,
And Tooth Fairy will bring a dollar!"

They grow up so fast! One of my first blog entries was about my son Eric at 11 in the LOTR cloak I made for him. Like all parenting memories, it seems so long, but so short a while ago!