Thursday, May 17

I've caught the sickness

The sickness that is mini-quilt/doll-quit mania! I've been really enjoying all the little quilts I've seen in blogland. And when I came across the bag full of pieced half-square triangles, I thought I could stop at one.

I really enjoy playing with the blocks...arranging them in different ways to see which colors pop. And I get all giddy when I see what different border fabrics do to the overall look.

So I admit it. I'm hooked. If I disappear for a while you'll know it's because I crawled into a cave filled with embroidery floss and batting. Oh, and movies, too (yesterday's mail held 3 netflix movies just for me!).

Before I sneak off to my cave I should get this whole tagging business out of the way. So I've been tagged to reveal 7 random things about me. I really don't think I'm interesting enough to have 7 whole things to say about me, but I'll try!

1. I'm not one for background noise. I drive in silence. No radio. The only time I opt for music is when I need to clean house and I really don't feel like it. Then I turn on the music launchcast in yahoo messenger (my computer is in the kitchen, so handy!) and go for a mix of 80's music.

I'm gearing up to clean at the moment and my computer is singing Depeche Mode. (ooh...and now it's Come On Eileen/Dexy's Midnight Runners...good kitchen cleaning song!)

2. I wear skirts every single day for no real reason other than I just like them.

3. I can make awesome peanut butter cookies without using a recipe or measurements. I just dump stuff in a bowl and they come out great every time. It's like I'm magic.

4. I am seriously grossed out by the texture of microfiber cleaning cloths when they are dry. I'm fine once they're wet. But I cringe when I see them fresh from the dryer.

5. I used a lawnmower exactly once in my life. That was plenty.

6. I don't love summer. I don't like to be hot and sweaty. I prefer gloomy, misty-rainy days that are around 50-65 degrees. I think I would love the Pacific Northwest. I do not love St. Louis.

7. I don't enjoy video games. Never have. I don't like to lose and losing happens a lot with video games.

My stitchin' cave is calling me. I'll do my tagging later! :-)


Bettsi said...

Oh my goodness, I just love you to pieces! That one about the PB cookies cracked me up! You are magic! Do you know I think you would enjoy the site. She has a blog too and likes dolls!

The quilts are darling and they remind me of some blocks I have hiding somewhere, undone. hmmm.....

Lisa said...

Pretty quilts! I don't like summer either. It is my least favorite season and honestly I start complaining around June 15th about how horrible the heat, sun and humidity are. Summer is just something to get through for me.

kimberly sherrod said...

we've all caught it! I just found your blog on the embroidery blog site. I added a link on my Blog so that I can come back and check in on ya! I have been getting my Heather Ross Gnome fix on Ebay! I hope they make some more of it!!!!

Tiarnna said...

Pac NW eh? I dare ya. ;) Then I could accost you for skirts. And fun times too. :)

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Dannielle you always amaze me at you talent!! Girl you are one of the most talented people I know and very very very good at all you do, Love your quilts, There ao sweet and love the colors
I do not summer either and I live in Florida!Always look forward to the middle of Sept when Our temps get out of the 90's at least!
Have fun in your cave time filled with your embroidery floss and batting and Movies!!!!