Wednesday, May 23

A new series of children's books

I want to tell you all about a new series of children's books that we've had the pleasure of previewing. The series is called Fairy Chronicles. You can take a peek at their site here

The first book in the series is Marigold and the Feather of Hope, the Journey Begins and it is such a sweet book! I read it to Mason, a few chapters a night, at bedtime. Isabelle came and listened in, too.

I was really impressed with the gentleness of the story. It seems so many stories (whether in print or in movies/tv shows) are good vs. evil. And most really trump up the evil for dramatic effect. Amazingly, this book managed an interesting plot with all sorts of fairy-realm characters without resorting to darkness.

Also nice is that the fairy-realm characters are human children who can magically transform. They use their fairy abilities to affect positive change on the world around them. Fairies are "problem fixers". I can see some wonderful, creative imaginative play being inspired here!

We've just started reading the second book, Dragonfly and the Web of Dreams and we're enjoying it just as much, so far.

I also wanted to add, from a homeschooling-mom perspective, that this series fills a bit of a void. You know how once your child graduates from the 80-90page beginner chapter books, there isn't much a a next step? They're expected to move straight into 200-300page books with few, if any, pictures and much smaller type. These books have around 120-130pages, larger type, and they're full of colorful pictures. A perfect "next step".

Anyway, just wanted to share our experience with you! Have a lovely Wednesday!!


Gwen said...

Those look awesome! I love read aloud books where I don't have to mentally re-write pats due to over-the-top bad-guy-ness. They've been added to my wish list.

Donna M. said...

Thanks for the scoop about the fairy books. My daughter loves anything to do with fairies. We are homeschoolers too. We were at the library last week and I was contemplating the very thing you talk about - why aren't there many in between books?

Storybook Woods said...

Thank you for posting about this. I really think Chloe would like these. Clarice

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I got to read and post about these too! We are on the second book, as well, and we just LOVE them ~ and the pictures are great!

Dawn D. Lion said...

Cool, thanks for the rec, these sound great!