Tuesday, May 15

Gnomes, Cozies, Unbelievable But True

I'm all over the place with subject matter today, huh? Sorry. Life just happens that way sometimes.

See those adorable, cutie Gnomes over there? For those who don't recognize them, I'll clue you in. Those Gnomes belong to one of the Holy Grails of the fabric world. Now, you can still get some of Heather Ross' Gnomes in other colors. But not the sage green.

I had grand dreams of creating the most precious gnome-filled bedroom for Mason. He likes gnomes. I mean, who doesn't?! But before I bought 10 yds I probably should have asked him if he likes green. Because apparently he doesn't.

And enough time has passed now that he prefers robots to gnomes. I resigned myself to the fact that the gnome room was a no-go a while ago. But I couldn't part with the fabric. It seems I love it.

Just this week I decided that even if I do love it, I don't need 10 yds. So the gnomes and I headed to ebay (link in sidebar, if you're curious!). I had more listed but that ended with the buy-it-now (in a matter of minutes!!).

One of these days I will get brave enough to actually use it (what's left). I'm thinking I'd look mighty cute in a gnome skirt.

On another note, I've been doing a bit of sewing. I finished a couple of tea cozies for the old Etsy shop. I've also been working on embroidering the little quilt I pieced a couple weeks ago. I'm nearly finished with the embroidery. I've got a few more quilty projects floating around my brain. I think I'm becoming addicted.

And now for the "unbelievable but true"! I stopped by Hobby Lobby today. I generally can't be trusted near that store but I've been making an effort to stick to a budget lately. I really did need 2 skeins of embroidery floss so I had to go in.

Just a few steps from the embroidery floss is the clearance bin. I had to peek. And, boy oh boy, did I ever find a deal in there!! Two bolts of dmc aida cross stitch fabric, one white and one ecru, for $4.50 each!!! I know, you're thinking, "they must have made a mistake!". I agree. I almost didn't bother putting them in the cart because I knew it couldn't play out that way at the checkout. But when I checked out the cashier asked other employees and they all agreed that it must be right. So I walked ran out of there with 2 bolts, which look to be holding 10yds each, of 14ct aida for $9 total. Anyone up for a cross stitch party?

Well, I have more I could blab about, and I've been tagged for a "seven random things about me" thing, but it's getting late and I'm tired. So maybe I'll blab a bit more tomorrow.

Sweet dreams~


Sarah and Jack said...

I think they are getting rid of the fabric dept. at Hobby Lobby, but I haven't been there in awhile. What did it look like?

Anonymous said...

We don't have Hobby Lobby around here but I went to one in another state once. That's a whole lotta aida! Your tea cozies look great.

sara, the wine makers wife said...

oh I adore the gnome fabric with the little mushroom thrown in randomly. WOW. Your tea cozy is super cute... I don't have a tea cozy... *wanders of to click on your etsy store*

Niki said...

Careful girl, quilting IS addicting. lol. I'm here to prove that! lol. I've been quilting for over 6 years and have spent gobs of $$$ on the thing lol. Love your quilt! can't wait to see it finished. :)

Janelle said...

You scored, girl! :-)

I miss Hobby Lobby--we had a great one in Ohio, but none down here in Virginia.

hunnybunny said...

You're tagged! Check out my blog for details.

danielle roothooft said...

this is so lovely, I'm going to make one right away, With what do you stuff this?

danielle roothooft said...

I found the description in earlier postings. I have to consider this first, it looks difficult and i still have a lot of drawings to make today, so iI think I will keep this project for a bit later.
Anyway, yours are super!!
Good luck with your sewing addiction and lots of inspiration and fun.