Friday, May 25

Am I blessed, or what?!

Not one, but two "vases" of clover and dandelions. There really is nothing sweeter than a 6 year old little boy with a handful of weed-flowers. Makes me glad we don't have the best kept lawn on the block.

By the way, the tea cozy in the picture is the failed attempt at using just one layer of batting rather than two. If it weren't for the teapot inside, it would just flop over.

Today is very much a "works in progress" day. I have no finished projects to show. Well, I have one finished project but it's for a swap so I can't show it yet.

I'm in the middle of quilting one of those little quilt tops (the one at the top, left corner). No embroidery on this one. I think I'm keeping this one for me.

And I pieced a quilt top yesterday as my friend, Tara, gave birth to her fourth child Wednesday night. I don't think she's made an official announcement yet so no in-progress picture of it because is a total giveaway regarding the sex of the baby. So I'll share once she's shared. There will be more to see now that I have the baby's name and can get going with the embroidery!

Congratulations, Tara and family!!

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Shelley Davis said...

Oh Dannielle,
You are one lucky woman! Children are such blessings from GOD! It's always wonderful to here a mother of a young child appreciating her gift.