Sunday, April 29

Another Sunday afternoon, another work-in-progress

I just love Sunday afternoons! The only thing that could make it a better day is if my husband could be home instead of working.

After I finish picking up the huge mess I made while piecing this little quilt, I'll be doing that Sunday thing I like to do. I've got two movies (The Pursuit of Happyness and Blood Diamonds), a cozy bed to sit upon, and lots of embroidery to do on that quilt.

I'm making this to hang on the wall in my soon-to-be sewing/crafting/tea-partying room/studio/whatever. I just bubble over with excitement whenever I think about my room being finished. I'm planning one heck of a tea party to christen the room. I have two little groups of friends that have never mixed. Well, both groups will be invited for the little party. And if curiosity over the "other" group of friends isn't enough to drag them here, the goodie bags will. I've already started collecting the goodies. They're going to be the best goodie bags ever!

The quilt is a Bare Roots pattern, it's the first one on this page (#57). I absolutely adore all of their patterns. They're totally my style and are really close to what comes out when I draw my own patterns.

I got really lucky when it came to the fabric and cutting. I purchased this charm pack for this quilt. And I got to be totally lazy because the fabric came to me cut into 5" squares. Well the pattern called for 2.5" squares. All I had to do was cut the squares in half one way, then the other way. Easy Peasy. I love easy peasy.

I think I may have mentioned some of this before. Please excuse my redundancy. Really it's just a ploy to keep me busy at the computer so I can ignore the dishes a few minutes longer.

Well, I'd best get to the housework so I can play. Have a wonderful Sunday!!


Cyndi said...

very pretty!

Anonymous said...

umm..ok, how the heck are you finishing these quilts so quickly? what's your secret? I absolutely LOVE this quilt the colors are beautiful and the pattern is so pretty. Lovely!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Ditto Lisa's sentiment! There are days where I don't know if I am coming or going ~ Oh, to sit in my comfy bed with a couple of movies and an embroidery project!!

Tiarnna said...

Oh I can't wait to see the finished stitching on there!!!

And tell me, did you like Blood Diamond? DH tivo'd it the other night, and I just don't think its something I'd enjoy.

But Pursuit of THAT was a good show.

Dannielle said...

I think the secret is that they're little. This one is only 24" square.

My day didn't end up going as planned. I decided to do a bit more cleaning before taking a break with stitching and my movies.

But then I realized it was time to start dinner. So I made dinner. And ate.

And as soon as I pushed play on the dvd player, my husband walked in the door. Since he deserved a break I gave up control of the tv. We don't have the same tastes in movies so they were vetoed.

I did watch Blood Diamonds this morning. It's not a movie I'd call enjoyable or entertaining. More like poignant, well written, enlightening.

Tiarnna said...

Yeah, hubby said it was a bit hard to watch. I don't think I'll plan on watching it anytime soon. I am in school enough and challenged that way. ;)

littlejennywren said...

I recognise tat little quilt. It looks lovely in the fabrics you have chosen.

norththreads said...

Just beautiful! Cant believe i missed another draw!!!!
Oops! Lots of pretties here, youve been busy!

The ParTea Planner said...

I lahv it! Makes me want to get back to quilting (only made one in my life - for my DD).
Send me your snail mail addy and I will mail you a teacup for you to use when you have your tea party when you are finished....~Risa {The ParTea Planner}

Journeying said...

I LOVE your wonderful little quilts!! And I love the way you combine embroidery and quilting - 2 of my favorite things! You're way ahead of me, though, and the idea of doing the embroidery after you've got it pieced is quite novel. (I'm definitely going to have to experiment with that.) Bare Roots things are just my cup of tea, also! Is it intentional or serendipitous that your tea cozies look like crowns??
You are SOOO talented!